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Brief Biography

Nagwa Sherif is a professor of Architectural Engineering at The American University in Cairo. She holds a PhD degree from University of Montreal, Canada in 1984 in Environmental Psychology aspects as related to Architecture and Urban Design; a MSc in Environmental Design from University of Montreal, Canada in 1979, and a BSc in Architectural Engineering from Cairo University in 1973.

Sherif served as an adjunct faculty at the department of Construction Engineering at AUC for eight years, and then was appointed as a full time faculty in Fall 2009 till now. Sherif was a key participant in the inception and the development of the Architectural program at AUC. She served as associate chair of the department of Construction and Architectural Engineering from 2011 to 2016 taking in charge all academic and administrative aspects related to the Architectural Engineering program, leading the team to the first full validation of the program by the UNESCO-UIA. She has been initiating, developing and teaching a number of courses at AUC since Spring 2000. She also introduced a new professional diploma, including a set of courses in Interior Design at the Engineering and Sciences Services department at AUC. Previously, she was a professor of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, as well as at the Architecture-Building Technology credit-hour program at Cairo University.

In 2017, she was nominated to serve as the Head of the Jury for the MENA region at the Lafarge-Holcim foundation international competition on sustainable architecture, that was held at the American University in Cairo.

Currently Sherif is a full time professor at the department of Architecture at AUC teaching and coordinating Level 2 courses, and taking in charge a number of tasks developing and enhancing the architectural engineering program, such as introducing a new minor in Interior Design in collaboration with the Graphic Design program, contributing in the initiation and the development of a Masters graduate program in Architecture.

Since 1985, Sherif has supervised a number of MSc and PhD research projects in the domains of architectural engineering, human and socio-cultural needs in architecture and urban design. She was the vice- principal investigator researcher of the research project: "Social, Psychological and Health Aspects of Housing Design and Neighborhood Planning,” a grant awarded by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Housing and Building National Research Centre. She also participated in the multidisciplinary research funded by the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, investigating the redesign of elementary school buildings to accommodate the integration of children with special needs in the mainstream public education system.

Sherif is a professional engineer and registered at the Egyptian syndicate, architectural section of the society of Egyptian Architects. She is a member of the Environmental Design Research Association and the International Association for People and Environment Studies. She is a member in the committee of the “Egyptian Building Code for the Disabled”, Housing Research and Building Center as well as in the Committee for the development of the Egyptian Code for “Housing and Residential Environments”, in Egypt. She is a partner and co-founder of a professional consulting office involved in a number of architectural and interior design national and international projects, winning prizes in international as well as local competitions.

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Research Interest

Architectural Engineering, Interior Design, Human Needs in Architectural and urban design, Environmental psychology as related to Architectural and Urban design.