Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Brief Biography

Awad Khalil is a professor of computer science and engineering. He received his BSc in electrical engineering from the Military Technical College (MTC) of Cairo in 1970. He received his MSc and PhD degrees in computer engineering from Rennes-I University of France, in 1979 and 1981, respectively. 

Khalil contributed in developing many computer engineering and computer science programs at several national and private universities in Egypt and in the Arabic region. He organized several local conferences and workshops and he is an active member in many international societies and program committees of several international scientific conferences.

Khalil started teaching at AUC as a part-time faculty in 1984 and in 1998 he joined the computer science department of AUC as a full-time faculty member. Over these long years of teaching at AUC, he has been very active in developing and upgrading the curriculum of computer science and computer engineering programs. 

Since he joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Dr. Khalil has served actively in the process of accrediting the computer science program and computer engineering program over several cycles of accreditation and re-accreditation.


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Honors and Awards

  • First Class Honors for BEng Degree in Electrical Engineering, 1970.
  • Award of Duty, MTC, 1970.
  • Honors for PhD Degree in Computer Networks, 1981.
  • Received award of Long and Distinguished Service, The Egyptian Armed Forces, 1995
  • Received prestigious award of the Republic, granted by the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, 1998.
Research Interest
  • Large Database Systems
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Information Storag and Retrieval
  • Data Security
  • Web-based systems and applications