A Day in the Life of an AUC Grad

What better way to document the 2018 midyear commencement than through the eyes of a grad herself?

Farida Khafaga '18 is an honors student and business administration major who graduated at yesterday's undergraduate commencement ceremony. News@AUC follows her and her friends throughout this exciting day.

"Today marked a very important transitional period in my life by bringing me to the real world. My time at AUC changed me more than anything else in my life. Those four and a half years transformed me into a more liberal person who is accepting of differences and questioning everything around me."


The cap and gown, ironed and pressed...




Up bright and early to prepare for the day



Mirror selfies are a must

(especially on graduation day)



Proud mom and grad make their way to the big day


















"Today was like a dream come true; I have been dreaming of this day since I was in high school."


Last time walking into AUC as an undergrad



Can you believe we made it?



"It felt like a party more than it was a graduation commencement. My friends and I sat next to each other, and we kept screaming our hearts out, celebrating the end of a beautiful chapter and welcoming another one with wide smiles and open hearts."


And that's our *queue*!




Almost there...











And she did it...diploma in hand



Time to walk into the real word

...but let's celebrate first


"I will miss how we have been able to express ourselves freely and openly and discuss everything with absolutely no limits, which enriched our thoughts and personalities. I am glad that I have graduated from AUC and I will forever be grateful to that place. I think I am ready for the real world and I cannot wait to give back to my community and find my path."

Walked in as a student, left as an alumna