Innovation, Cultural and Leadership Scholarship



The Innovation, Cultural and Leadership Scholarship is awarded each year to a limited number of new students upon admission who participated in cultural activities -- which include but are not limited to music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing or writing -- organized by local official government bodies and in which they have achieved a high level of distinction. The applicant will be interviewed by the Office of Student Development and his or her activities will be evaluated by a committee to determine eligibility.    


Terms of the Award

1- The innovation, cultural and leadership achievement scholarship gives the student a reduction of 15 percent of the full tuition fee per semester (with a maximum of 15 credit hours) for that academic year provided that the student is not awarded a full scholarship.

2- The scholarship is a one year award. For subsequent years, the student will be eligible for the scholarship if he or she participates in one of the different programs organized by the Office of Student Development.

3- The innovation, cultural and leadership achievement scholarship will be cancelled if the student registers for a number of credit hours that are less than full time course load. In other words, he or she should maintain full-time status in order to retain the scholarship .

4- The cultural achievement scholarship is not offered in Winter semester.

5- The scholarship will be canceled if the student is on social or academic probation.

6- To retain the scholarship, the student has to maintain a grade point average of not less than 2.0.


To Apply

Apply to the scholarship through Banner Self-Service and submit all the supporting documents to the Student Service Center, care of Mostafa Takroury Khalil, Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships. For applications instructions and tips, click here. 



Fall semester: The application will be available online from May 3 to 31, 2015 through Banner Self-Service.
Spring semester: TBA