Build Your Creative Confidence

Design Thinking AUC course

We are all born creative! As kids we were not afraid to be wrong. We were not afraid to be judged. We used to draw blobs and call them dinosaurs, but as we grew older, we became more cautious and analytical. That’s what’s holding us back from coming up with something original. Solutions to the most pressing problems require creative innovators, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers. Yet, we tend to play it safe and go for the typical, safe ideas.

Design thinking is a framework that helps us rediscover our creativity in problem-solving. Today, design has become a mindset, a framework for innovation, driven by the desire to deeply understand user needs, map their behavior and crack the motivations and deep emotions driving their actions or choices. The bootcamp is designed to immerse participants in this creative approach to problem-solving, where they will receive coaching on the tools, mindsets and frameworks of design thinking. They will hit the ground running with empathy research, field observations, field interviews and immersion exercises. They will then synthesize their findings to create insight-driven opportunities for ideation and prototyping. Design thinking embraces a methodological approach that distinguishes between six phases that run through an iterative cycle: understand, observe, point of view, ideate, prototype and test.

  • Apply the design thinking methodology to solve problems more creatively
  • Plan and conduct effective design research, including user interviews
  • Understand problems from a human-centered perspective
  • Guide groups to effectively brainstorm innovative ideas
  • Create prototypes to communicate and test your creative ideas
  • Experience a hands-on application of design thinking to a selected problem
  • One-week: July 3-7, 2022
  • Sessions will run daily from 9 am to 3 pm
  • AUC New Cairo campus
  • Fridays and Saturdays off
  • EGP 2,500 (price includes materials needed)
  • 10% discount offered for siblings

Passionate about creativity, business innovation, product design, social innovation.

All the boot camp participants will receive a certificate of participation from AUC.

The AUC bus service is available for extra fees. Details on the schedule will be shared before the program's start date.
Note that only vaccinated students are allowed to use the bus service.

Accommodation is offered at the University residences.

Karim Morcos

I’m a devoted practitioner of Lean Methodologies, not only in business, but in every aspect of life. The blend of Lean Design and Human Centricity and how they affect business growth is why I co-founded ERGO. I believe companies should openly adopt an experimentation mindset. Conducting short experiments to validate assumptions, test new concepts and inform decision making, is the gateway to innovation. Companies that give their employees the space to do so show a steeper innovation curve.

A 100% refund of the program fees will be offered in the following cases. Cases should be reported at least three weeks before the program's start date.

  • Course cancellation 
  • Medical withdrawal
  • Visa denial