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USAID Scholars Activity 

University Scholarship Universities in Egypt

The USAID Scholars Activity, implemented by The American University in Cairo, offers a number of opportunities for four or five years of university scholarships (which may be preceded by a preliminary year in case of joining the AUC or Zewail City for Sciences, Technology and Innovation) depending on the specialization/major of study. The program will be offered for approximately 140 students in the academic year 2021-2022 to obtain bachelor degrees at a number of Egyptian public and private universities. Program participants will be selected to study in fee-based/credit- hour system distinguished programs administered in English based on the strength and quality of the application form and they have to meet the prospective university admission criteria.

In particular, the program aims to support the economic, social and environmental development plans in Egypt by focusing on university studies in the fields of water, energy, agriculture and nursing by providing university education opportunities based on the foundations of knowledge, innovation and scientific research and characterized by excellence, experimental education, entrepreneurship and good preparation for the job market. The program additionally avails opportunities for students to do scientific research that will create a positive and effective impact for the students themselves (females, males as well as those with disabilities), for the participating educational institutions and for Egyptian society as a whole.

Note: Nursing program is subject to final approval.

    • Enable underprivileged students with exceptional academic potential to enroll in and excel through better academic opportunities. 
    • Increase Egyptian students’ access to higher educational opportunities especially in fields that are offered in English and follow the fee-based credit-hour system.
    • Enable students with exceptional academic potential and have physical disabilities to have access to more university education opportunities.
    • Improve the students’ English language skills required to facilitate the learning process and to prepare them for the labor market requirements in Egypt.
    • Offer the opportunity for some students to study in some US universities for one semester or one summer semester.
    • Provide a number of opportunities for students to work on developing ideas and innovative projects and turn them into real-life projects.
    • Contribute to increasing post-graduation job opportunities through the enhancement of their business, leadership, and other skills required by the labor market.
    • Enhance scholarship students’ leadership skills and commitment towards their societies and country in order to prepare them to be future leaders and advocates for the development of their local communities.
    • Enable students to participate in and benefit from internships and funding opportunities for innovative projects through private sector organizations. 
    • Provide residence or residence allowance (as needed and in compliance with scholarship criteria).
  • The American University in Cairo

    • Business and Economics
    • Journalism
    • Sciences
    • Computer Science

    Note: 20 Scholarships are available at the AUC to study Business and Economics, and Journalism. Five scholarships are available to study Sciences and Computer Science.

    It might require attending a preliminary year before joining the preferred major. Each major has specific academic requirements that a student must obtain.


    Cairo University

    Faculty of Engineering

    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil and infrastructure Engineering
    • Water Engineering
    • Sustainable Energy Engineering
    • Architecture Engineering
    • Telecommunication and Computer Engineering
    • Building Engineering and its Management
    • Structure Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Petroleum and Materials Engineering
    • Medical Care Engineering and its Management
    • Mechatronics
    • Aviation and Aerospace Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering and its Management
    • Materials Production Engineering

    Faculty of Sciences

    • Biotechnology

    Faculty of Agriculture

    • Biotechnology
    • International Agriculture
    • Organic Agriculture
    • Commercial Agriculture
    • Rural Communities
    • Forests Sciences
    • Food Production


    Ain Shams University

    Faculty of Engineering

    • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
    • Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering

    Faculty of Agriculture

    • Biotechnology
    • Quality Management

    Faculty of Sciences

    • Petroleum Geophysics
    • Nanotechnology
    • Computer Science

    Faculty of Computer and Artificial Intelligence

    • Network and Cyber Security
    • Bioinformatics and Computers
    • Software Engineering
    • Data Sciences for Information Systems


    Alexandria University 

    Faculty of Engineering

    • Gas and Petrochemicals Engineering
    • Computer and Communications Engineering
    • Coasts and oil offshore platforms Engineering
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Faculty of Computers and Data Sciences

    • Cyber Security
    • Medical Data Analysis
    • Business Data Analysis
    • Media Data Analysis
    • Smart Systems

    Faculty of Sciences

    • Biotechnology
    • Software and multimedia production

    Faculty of Agriculture


    Assiut University

    Faculty of Engineering

    • Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
    • Structure Engineering and Project Management

    Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

    • Bioinformatics
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computers Security

    Mansoura University

    Faculty of Engineering

    • Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering
    • Medical and Bio Engineering
    • Computer and Communications Engineering  
    • Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering

    Faculty of Computer and Information Systems

    • Bioinformatics
    • Software Engineering
    • Artificial Intelligence

    Faculty of Sciences

    • Biotechnology and its applications

    Faculty of Agriculture

    • Nutrition and Dietary Systems 


    Zewail City for Sciences, Technology and Innovation

    Faculty of Engineering

    • Renewable Energy
    • Space Engineering
    • Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics
    • Communications and Information Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering (water, soil, waste management, air pollution)

    Faculty of Sciences

    • Materials Sciences
    • Medical and Bio Sciences
    • Nono Sciences
    • Earth and Universe Physics

    Note: It might require attending a preliminary year before joining the preferred major. Each major has specific academic requirements that a student must obtain.


    The USAID Scholars Activity program accepts applications from qualified students from all 27 governorates of Egypt and will take into consideration the equal representation of genders, and geographic distribution, the diversity of disciplines (with tuition fees) in compliance with admission criteria in the partner universities and departments, and the representation of people with disabilities.

    • The student must be Egyptian.
    • The student has to have been enrolled in a public, experimental or STEM school throughout all secondary education years.
    • Student must obtain secondary school certificate (Thanaweya Amma) in the school year 2020-2021, first exam round.
    • Student must obtain a total score not less than 85% from public schools, experimental schools or their equivalent in STEM schools.
    • The scholarship accepts only students graduated in Science and Math sections.
    • The scholarship accepts students from Arts section only if they are with disabilities.
    • Students must submit all required family financial documents.
    • Active participation in extracurricular activities such as volunteering and development/community service.
    • Students should have leadership potential.
    • (For Students with Disabilities) Must have minimum technological knowledge to handle educational tools that should aid them in the learning process. A psychological and educational certificate must be submitted.
    • Payment of full-tuition fees and any other related expenses during the university study years (four to five years based on the major). This could be preceded by a preliminary year in the cases of the AUC and Zewail City for Sciences, Technology and innovation.
    • Improving the students’ English language skills required to facilitate their learning process and to prepare them for the labor market in Egypt.
    • Offering the opportunity for some scholars to study in some universities in the USA for one semester/summer semester.
    • Providing opportunities to work on improving ideas and innovative projects and executing them as actual projects.
    • Contributing to increasing post-graduation job opportunities through the enhancement of their business, leadership, and other skills required by the labor market.
    • Enhancing scholarship students’ leadership skills and commitment towards their societies and country in order to prepare them to be future leaders and advocates for the development of their local communities.
    • Enabling students to participate in and benefit from internships and funding opportunities for innovative projects through private sector organizations. 
    • Provide residence or residence allowance (as needed and in compliance with scholarship criteria).
    • Books and labs fees are covered by the program.
    • Monthly allowance during school year.
    • Personal Laptop.
    • Academic, social and psychological counseling to support scholars towards success.
  • Students should be fully aware of the admission requirements for universities and the fields of study they wish to attend as determined by the various universities and faculties and the Ministry of Higher Education during enrollment time. Admission to one of the universities participating in the scholarship is the sole responsibility of the student. It is worth mentioning that students could be redistributed to another university/major.

  • Yes, students can transfer to one of the partner universities in compliance with to the results of students’ distribution among different majors, faculties and universities.

  • No, the scholarship accepts only students of Thanaweya Amma class 2020-2021.

  • Yes, the scholarship does in collaboration with the students. The scholarship covers all of the transfer fees.

  • No, students cannot change the university/major after being distributed among partner universities.

  • The English language preparation program aims to equip all students with the required English language they will need for academic success and beyond in their professional life. The program focuses on developing their English speaking, reading, and writing skills and refining their cultural awareness. The program continues throughout all years of study for students enrolled in participating public universities. As for students enrolled at The American University in Cairo and Zewail City of Science, Technology and Innovation, there will be a preliminary year for English language preparation, a requirement that students need to pass in order to be able to join a university in September 2022. English language is the instruction language of the program. The program applies modern interactive teaching methodology. Arabic language is not used in teaching at all.

  • Other activities offered by USAID Scholars Activity Program include:

    • AUC has more than 100 years of experience in offering preparation programs to students (including students from unprivileged communities) which will be put into effect to support them in adjusting to university life. AUC will hold a pre-program orientation to students with disabilities.
    • Improving leadership skills on the personal and community level through practical activities.
    • Early training on entrepreneurship to help students improve their innovative ideas and to be considered for the needs of the international market whether currently or in the future.
    • Career guidance which is offered by the University Centers for Career Development sponsored by USAID and implemented by AUC. The program offers training, internships, and job opportunities for students in cooperation with a diverse network of entrepreneurs from AUC.
  • QR Code USAID Scholars

    • Attach all supporting documents mentioned to the application. Please read the following instructions carefully.
    • Application deadline: August 10, 2021
    • For inquiries, please contact us through the email here. Your inquiry will be responded to with three business days.


    Application Instructions

    • You cannot complete more than one application for each applicant. This will lead to the rejection of your application. Applicants are only accepted through the online application. Do not send your application or documents by other means. These applications will be discarded except for the visually impaired applicants.
    • Applications should be completed by the applicant him/herself. Applicants should not seek help with their applications.
    • You should use a computer or a laptop to complete the application. It is not preferable to use a mobile phone.
    • Make sure that you have an active email account. Email is an essential means of communication with applicants.
    • The application takes around an hour to complete. You can always go back to your application to add or modify until the application deadline.
    • You should complete all the required essay questions.
    • All required documents should be ready prior to completing the application. All required/applicable fields should be completed.
    • All documents should be scanned and uploaded to the application. Applications with incomplete documents will be discarded.
    • All attached documents files should be renamed under the full name of the student. Example: Tamer Kamal Fathy Amin/national ID
    • All uploaded documents should be scanned and attached to the application. Applications with incomplete documents will be rejected.
    • Uploaded files for each question should not exceed 16 MB. It is recommended to combine files together for each question.
    • Originals of all documents should be ready in case of request.
    • All uploaded files should be in PDF format except for the applicant’s photo in JPG format and essays in Word format.


    Applicants with Disabilities

    • USAID Scholars Activity accepts applicants with visual, hearing and motor disabilities only. Other types of disabilities are not accepted.
    • Applicants with visual impairment are encouraged to use a Screen Reader software. The online application supports this feature. If a computer or a Screen Reader software are not available, please email us for support.
    • Applicants with disability should submit detailed medical reports proving the disability status. These reports should be signed and sealed from a doctor or a hospital.
    • Applicants with disabilities should provide all relevant information about their disabilities in order for the USAID Scholars Activity to provide the required medical support and convenient academic environment.
    • All information provided by the applicants with disabilities are dealt with confidentiality.

    Application Documents

    • A recent photo;
    • A scanned copy of the applicants’ national ID;
    • A scanned copy of the applicant’s parent or legal guardian’s ID;
    • A proof of monthly expenditure on home electricity;
    • Financial statement(s) for the past six months for all of the family’s bank/post saving accounts, loans, and such if any;
    • A scanned copy of an original, sealed and detailed parent’s salary pay slip, or pension. In case of self- employed, a copy of a recent tax report is required;
    • If the family is a beneficiary of the Governmental Pension Program “Takaful and Karama”, a scanned copy of the family ID card or a sealed document as a proof;
    • A scanned copy of a sealed certificate form the applicant’s secondary school. The certificate should prove that the applicant’s school is a government or STEM school and that the applicant spent the three high school years in the school;
    • Scanned copies of certificates of achievement, completion, appreciation, and others;
    • Scanned copies of lease or ownership contracts for home, car, land, and others;
    • Scanned copies of all required documents and medical reports of applicants with disabilities.
  • The applications will be reviewed to select the qualified students. First, an evaluation committee reviews and filters all submitted applications, then, shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the interview appointment to be conducted by the USAID Scholars Activity evaluation team.

  • Interviews will be online conducted through the internet in order to avoid social distancing.

  • A committee will visit the candidates’ homes to get to know them and their families and to answer any scholarship-related questions. The committee will take all protective measures against COVID-19.

  • A one-day final selection camp will be held virtually on the internet. Candidates will be required to attend the camp. Only the students who pass the previous selection stages will be contacted to attend the camp.          

  • Yes, there will be preparations to accommodate and facilitate the needs of students with disabilities in the camp and the scholarship in general. Applicants with disabilities should submit required documents to prove their disability.

  • Yes, all accepted students will be announced and contacted, and you will be asked to sign an acceptance/commitment letter for the USAID Scholars Activity.

  • The American University in Cairo, which is responsible for administering the scholarship, emphasizes the following conditions in order to maintain the scholarship:

    • Showing improvement in English language skills.
    • Maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0 (Gayyid).
    • Being involved in at least one social activity, either a civic engagement project, a non-curricular/extracurricular activity, or summer training/internship in every academic year.
    • Attending all preparation programs and events and scholarship periodical meetings.
    • Participating in leadership and experiential learning programs.
    • Attending entrepreneurship, job counseling, and other programs.
    • Registering for the maximum number of subjects in all semesters and making sure to meet study major and graduation timeline. (Students with disabilities, emergencies and special cases will be taken into consideration and on a case-by-case basis).
    • Abiding by all USAID Scholars Activity Program rules and regulations.
  • Yes, students can travel to their hometown if they don’t have courses or any other activities related to the scholarship. This can only be done on a condition that the students provide their university’s program coordinator with a written travel notification of their travel plans.

  • The USAID Scholars Activity Program will organize some activities during some of the mid-year and summer breaks, and The American University in Cairo realizes how important it is for students to return to their home towns to spend time with their families and friends. Students who need additional English language training after the first year may be required to spend part of the summer vacation in intensive English classes. It is worth mentioning that it is preferable for students to spend summer vacations in their hometowns and participate in community service projects.

  • No, the USAID Scholars Activity covers all fees including tuition fees, books, labs, housing, and living expenses during the program. Yet, students should spend their stipend wisely; otherwise they will have to find another source of money to feed their expenses.

  • No, scholars are not allowed to participate or join any other training programs during the scholarship duration. Scholars should focus on their studies and the other supplemental activities and trainings provided by the scholarship.

  • The USAID Scholars Activity Scholarship provides academic advising and psychological support for all scholars in order to guarantee their success. In case of failing a subject, the scholarship will look into the causes. The student will receive a warning letter and will be asked to submit a study plan in order to avoid repeating failure. The scholar might pay for the failed subject cost in coordination with the scholarship management. The scholarship could be terminated for this scholar in case of repeated failure.

  • Yes, partner universities have available academic and personal counselors to help students. There will also be a USAID Scholars Activity Coordinator who will be the prime contact person for all students and to provide all necessary help and support whether life or academic ones.

This booklet was created with the support of the American people through USAID. The contents of this booklet are under the responsibility of the American University in Cairo.

USAID Scholars Activity is funded by the Government of the United States of America through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Egypt with the support from American People. The program is implemented by The American University in Cairo (AUC), one of the largest universities with expertise in education and training at the local, regional and international level, and The American University in Cairo has formed a coalition of partner public and private universities for the purpose of this program.



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