The Arabic Language and Culture Program (ALCP)

As part of the AUC Arabic programs, The Arabic Language and Culture Program (ALCP) capitalizes on its 90-year experience in the field. We offer quality and highly structured non-academic, non-credit Arabic courses to learners who wish to develop their Arabic language communication skills and use Arabic in different social and professional contexts.

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Why Study Arabic with ALCP?

  • Our courses are taught by highly qualified experienced teachers who are Arabic native speakers.
  • Our Arabic courses run in small class sizes with flexible schedules and study modules.
  • Our Arabic programs are highly structured and culturally rich and are based on the Common European Framework (CEFR).
  • Our classroom instructions are student-centered, interactive and communicative, and ensure an individualized learning experience.

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Arabic Proficiency Levels

Plan your learning journey through our highly structured proficiency levels!

Arabic language  Beginner

Beginner Band (two sub-levels)

You will master the Arabic literacy skills and will be able to communicate at a basic level in the most essential everyday life situations. Students of both Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic attend together at the Threshold 1 sub-level if they cannot read and write Arabic.

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Arabic language A1

Elementary A1 Band (three sub-levels)

In this level band, you will develop your language skills to communicate effectively in every day recurring situations that require direct and easy oral or written information exchange in areas of immediate need and very familiar topics. You will also develop a general understanding of the basic patterns of the Arabic grammar system.

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Arabic language  A2

Intermediate A2 Band (three sub-levels)

You will further develop your language skills and knowledge of the Arabic grammar system to process a more variety of language content. You will be able to communicate effectively in everyday recurring communication situations and social functions that require direct and easy oral or written information exchange in familiar and frequent situations.

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Arabic language B1

B1 Band Advanced Middle (three sub-levels)

The B1 level enables you to maintain oral and written interaction and get across what you want. You will be able to communicate, in a range of contexts and cope flexibly with problems in everyday life and less routine situations. Your language accuracy increases as you gain more control over commonly used patterns of the Arabic grammar system and a range of irregular grammatical forms.

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Arabic language B2

B2 Band Advanced High (four sub-levels)

This level band enables you to communicate in situations that require presenting effective arguments and explaining your viewpoint on a topical issue. You will be able to take an active part in informal discussion in familiar contexts. You will continue to develop better accuracy and control over language patterns and vocabulary.

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Arabic language  C1

C1 Band Superior

At this level, learners are able to use Arabic to communicate very fluently, accurately and effectively flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes and in almost any communication setting without any prior preparation. They can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects. (available in one-on-one classes only)

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Online Arabic

We offer three 72-hour online courses, each course requires 72 contact hours. Online lessons consist of a graded sequence of presentations and interactive practice activities. Lessons use a variety of multimedia resources and quizzes with immediate feedback that ensures clear explanations and plenty of practice opportunities.

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Intensive General Arabic

The Arabic Language and Culture Program (ALCP) is a well-planned and fun learning journey. Every destination on the different program levels consists of learning units with clear objectives, interesting real-life communicative activities and integrated language skills that take you closer to achieving your language learning targets.

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cent/AUC classes

Regular General Arabic

The regular general Arabic courses offer eight-week Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic courses. Classes meet twice a week in the evening.

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Arabic Tutoring Services

These are organized upon request face-to-face or online for individuals and groups. We tailor your study program to meet your learning objectives and accommodate your learning preferences. Classes are scheduled based on your availability.

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Arabic for Specific Purposes

We tailor time and content according to your specific professional or academic needs. It allows you to focus on developing communicative competence in a specific discipline such as diplomacy, religion, media, accounting, anthropology, business, IT, public speaking, teaching, and/or engineering.

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Student Studying

Assessment and Certification

Placement Testing

You are required to take a placement Arabic language exam before enrollment which will help us identify your level and learning needs. The placement exams are conducted either face-to-face or online. The Egyptian Colloquial Arabic placement is conducted through an oral interview and the Modern Standard Arabic is conducted through both an oral and a written exam.


Assessment and Certification

By the end of each course, your teacher will assess your achievement according to the assessment criteria for that level and you will get a transcript detailing your achievements. When you cover a full level band, A1 for example, you will take the proficiency exam of that level band and receive a certificate of completion.



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