Valentine's Day Around the World


As with all other holidays, Valentine's Day takes different shapes around the world, as people weave their unique cultures and traditions into the celebration. Here are some ways the day of love is celebrated around the world.



If you take a walk in some of Egypt's neighborhoods, you'll see shop windows covered in red and pink as people gear up for Valentine's Day today. But did you know that some Egyptians have been celebrating on a different day as early back as the 1950's? While not as widely celebrated as the February 14 holiday, November 4 was established Eid al Hob al Masry by renowned journalist Mostafa Amin. The day is meant for people to show love not just to their significant other, but to celebrate their love for parents, friends, siblings and life itself. 



Argentinians choose to celebrate their love day in July and make it a whole week of celebrations. During "The Week of Sweetness," couples exchange chocolates, sweets and other gifts. The week was actually established in 1989 by an advertising company to increase the sales of chocolates, but the tradition held strong. 



If you're ever in Ghana on Valentine's Day, you're in for a treat because it's officially declared National Chocolate Day. The day was established in 2005 to promote tourism to the country and boost consumption of domestic chocolate. Ghana is one of the world's largest cocoa-producing countries. 


South Korea

In South Korea, people celebrate their love for another year-round, with monthly celebration days. The 14th of every month is dedicated to a special activity, like White Day in March, when men are expected to give a sugary sweet to their partner. Other days include Rose Day in May, Kiss Day in June, Silver Day in July and Movie Day in November. April 14th, known as Black Day, is dedicated to the country's singles, where people get together and eat black noodles. 



The Sisters' Meal Festival is regarded the oldest East Asian celebration of Valentine's Day. A three-day celebration, the festival is celebrated by the Miao ethnic people in southwest China's Guizhou Province, and includes activities like singing and dancing, horse riding, gift exchanges and eating colorful rice. 

Source: Travel Triangle