Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

The Office of International Students and Study Abroad offers AUC students a wide variety of study-abroad opportunities for a semester or an academic year. International study is an enriching experience that is valuable for students’ personal growth and career prospects. You can take your education abroad through AUC at one of our 60 affiliate universities or choose an outside university.

Exchange Program: AUC student can choose a university from the list of AUC exchange universities and spend the duration of a semester under the terms and conditions of each exchange partner school.

Study Abroad (direct enrollment): AUC students can spend a single semester or full year studying at another university. Students can choose a university from the list of AUC partner schools or other universities approved by AUC..  


Requirements for exchange and study abroad:

1) The student must be in a good academic standing. Students placed on probation of any form will not be eligible. Good academic standing is identified as follows:

For exchange: Minimum GPA of 3.2

For study abroad: Minimum GPA as requested by the host school

2) The student must have completed her/his first year at AUC and preferably apply while in their sophomore year.

3) Major declaration must be completed.

4) English core requirements must be completed (RHET 201).


For Graduate Students:

The International Programs Office offers AUC graduate students opportunities to study abroad at a partner university for one semester. This is generally the third semester in a four-semester master's program. Not all graduate programs have exchange partners, so you should consult with your graduate adviser to determine your eligibility.


Tuition and Financial AId

Students traveling on exchange programs will continue to pay AUC tuition fees according to their financial categories.  Students must complete their tuition payments in full prior to their departure.

Students in study-abroad programs require that students pay tuition directly to the host university. Financial aid does not apply to students on study-abroad programs; however, some partner universities do offer discounted tuition to AUC students.

Exchange and study-abroad students are responsible for securing funds to cover living arrangements, as well as other expenses incurred while abroad.



Abdallah Jum'ah Study-Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships available to students who have been accepted into a study-abroad program for Spring 2016

Dr. Ahmed and Ann M. El-Mokadem Study Abroad Scholarships

These are partial scholarships available to exchange/study-abroad candidates traveling to the United States for a semester or year abroad.

Other partial or full scholarships are available to students who are applying for some exchange programs. These scholarships are provided by the host universities prior to the actual travel date. The scholarships provided by AUC’s partner schools change from year to year; the Office of International Students and Study Abroad will provide these details prior the start of each application cycle. The individual campus scholarships might be in the form of housing, monetary allowances or tuition.