AUC provide a range of vital services for students, faculty, staff, visitors, and their families.  From buses to health care to child care and IT services. 



Don’t want to bother with the stress and cost of driving?  AUC maintains an extensive bus service available to all members of the AUC community.  Our buses cover 13 routes that travel between the AUC New Cairo and AUC Tahrir Campuses and through neighborhoods all over the city.  Buses run on set schedules throughout the day, seven days a week.  Our comfortable coach buses have reclining seats, window curtains, and free wi-fi on board.  Staff and faculty are entitled to ride the bus for free.


AUC's daycare, located at AUC New Cairo, is a second home for children of the AUC community from ages one to four.  Activities are conducted in English and encourage play-based learning and development.  The day care is managed by Small Talk Nursery School and follows AUC's holiday calendar.  The daycare stays open in the summer with a two-week vacation August 1 to 15.  Priority is given to children of AUC staff and faculty.

It is an English medium daycare and preschool for children from one year old (and walking) through four years of age only.

Working hours

8:15 am - 4:00 pm

Sunday to Thursday.

During the month of Ramadan, the daycare closes at 3:00 pm.

Extra hours: From 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm is offered exclusively to AUC staff and faculty at an additional fee. Check out our rules and regulations.

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Tel: 2615 - 3903 
        2615 - 2949    

Mobile: 010 278 9987  
Director Office (PO29)
Campus Center 
American University in Cairo
PO Box 74
New Cairo  11835 

Medical Services  

The AUC clinic offers comprehensive health care services to ensure the well-being of the entire AUC community.  Everyone can benefit from medical advice, treatment, vaccines, pharmacy services, and recommendations for outside care.  The AUC clinic also has provider relationships with the best hospitals in Cairo and coordinates referrals to labs, specialists or other medical facilities.


AUC New Cairo: Staff are available Sunday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  The pharmacy is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  A physician and nurse are also available for emergencies after hours and there is a 24-hour ambulance service.
AUC Tahrir Square: Open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm with a physician on duty, Sunday through Thursday.  The pharmacy is open 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

The Office of Medical Services' working hours change during Ramadan according to the University working hours. Emergency service is always available (24/7).


Medical Advice: Medical advice is available to all members of the AUC community, either through a visit to the medical services office or by phone, in case of an emergency. All AUC community members may visit the office in case of illness, general check-up, check-ups for using the AUC gym or in the case of an emergency.

Travel Medical Advice: The medical travel program is available to students, as well as faculty and staff members who may be traveling abroad. Information about immunization requirements in parts of the world to which they will travel is also available.

Vaccines and Other Injections: Vaccination services are available at the medical services office on an appointment basis. Vaccines are paid for in cash, as they are not covered by medical insurance. We provide assistance in setting up schedules for vaccines and other injections.

Medications: Medicine is available through the medical services office and is supplied by the Seif Group pharmacy, in accordance with AUC’s drug policy. Medicine is dispensed through a signed and stamped prescription from an AUC physician.

Hospitalization: Through the AUC clinic, the AUC community has access to a large network of hospitals for emergency cases.  AUC has an agreement with some of the most respected hospitals in Cairo that provide reputable medical care.

Diagnostic Services: Laboratory and radiographic services are available by referral from an AUC physician through a number of specialized centers with which AUC has special agreements.

Medical Specialists: A comprehensive list of all medical consultants within various specializations who have an agreement with AUC is available at the Office of Medical Services, where referrals can be made.

Food Services

Eating on campus is an essential part of your day, but also an integral part of campus life. AUC offers a variety of healthy, affordable and delicious food choices at 15 locations all across campus.  Refuel, or catch up with friends at any of two food courts, bakeries, coffee shops, and cart outlets.  We also have several vending machines and convenience stores on campus which are opened for extended hours.

Click here to view the food outlets map, with information on operation hours and locations. 

For more information about food services, operation hours and locations, click here.


Dining options include:

Auntie Anne's  — Pretzels, wedges, snacks, lattes and lemonade mixers 

Cairo Kitchen — Foul, falafel, koshari, shawerma and other Egyptian food 

Cilantro — Coffee, sandwiches, salads and desserts

Cinnabon — Cinnamon buns, salads, sandwiches and coffee

L'Aroma — Coffee, pastries, sandwiches, salads and desserts

Quick 24 — Snacks, candy bars, soft drinks

Seoudi Mini Market — Groceries, snacks, food and toiletries

The Bakery Shop (TBS) — Cookies, croissants, danishes, sandwiches and coffee

Tarwi2a Cart — Hot and cold sandwiches with Lebanese flavor

Catering Co. — The main cafeteria. Hot meals, breakfast menu, sandwiches, oriental and Italian corners, fresh fruits and juices, salads and coffee stations

AM Kitchen — Bagels, wraps, fruit salads, and variety of healthy options


Americana Food Court

Baskin Robbins — Premium ice cream

Subway — Fresh sandwiches

Butcher's Burger — Fresh burger sandwiches

Faculty Lounge

Faculty Dining Hall — Hot buffet items and salad bar



The Travel Office

The Travel Office of The American University in Cairo was established to help faculty and staff members, administrators and students with their travel plans. 

The Travel Office handles business or personal trips, in Egypt or abroad through our corporate deals with excellent hotels, and monitors policies set by the administration for these types of travel.

For official business trips, the Travel Office also arranges car transfers to and from the airport for faculty members and administrators, in addition to meet and assist services through customs and immigration arranged at the airport in accordance with the guidelines governing the provisions of such services.

Services Rendered to the AUC Community

  • Flight reservations and seating assignment
  • Flight fare quotations and ticket issuance
  • Booking of train tickets (Europe)
  • Frequent flyer arrangements
  • Hotel reservations in Egypt and abroad
  • Airport services meet and assist
  • Car and bus reservations in Egypt and abroad
  • Organized trips throughout Egypt for individuals and groups
  • Online booking


Office of Information Technology serves the entire AUC community through providing the latest technology and being available to address problem and make repairs. The IT team is responsible for technology in all AUC premises, including student and faculty housing premises and AUC buses.  The IT Help Desk is your one-stop-shop for troubleshooting and support with software, hardware, and account services.