Fall 2021 Academic Community Engagement Remote Plan

AUC will resume face-to-face instruction during Fall 2021; however, as AUC monitors the health situation in Egypt, field activities will take place remotely. Integrating community-based learning into your pedagogy is doable.

The below outline three ways to pursue CBL coursework under the current circumstances:

  1. If the service activity you chose to involve your students in can be accomplished remotely (online synchronously or asynchronously), you will need to make slight changes to actualize the plan. For example, classes that were engaging in face-to-face teaching with a community may tutor remotely. Others raising awareness about a cause may create publications instead of holding sessions with communities, etc. The key is to communicate with both your students and the partner to arrange for the activity.

  2. Arrange for your students to carry out a teaching/facilitation activity related to your course's learning objectives through platforms such as https://gopeer.org. You can read more about the platform through this link.

  3.  If the service activity cannot be conducted remotely, we strongly recommend that you do not perform it on-site (department chair and dean approval required for all field activities) and find alternate plans to achieve learning outcomes (face-to-face instruction on campus has been announced, but we should be concerned about the health safety of our students and community members who might not have received the vaccine).

The core curriculum learning outcome of ethics and civic engagement may be achieved through including readings or projects (video/posters/awareness campaigns) on social and ethical issues, reflections on civic identity and responsibilities, and investigation of community needs to increase student awareness of civic engagement outcomes.

Contact Hossam Attiah, academic community engagement director for consultation by appointment at hattiah@aucegypt.edu.