Alumni of the Century

In celebration of AUC’s 100 years, we are looking to recognize AUCians making an IMPACT. With more than 40,000 alumni around the world, AUCians have been #MakingAUCProud. “Alumni of the Century” aims to recognize AUC alumni* whose work and contributions make them prominent, distinctive and standout in their fields.


Your nominations are key in recognizing AUCians making a difference in any field, anywhere and from any era…. starting from 1919, today and even our future.



Alumni of the Century aims to recognize AUC alumni* whose work and contributions have been recognized as outstanding in their fields.


  • Business, finance and entrepreneurs: founded, managed or made significant contribution in the business environment; making an impact in their marketplace and generating media attention; excellence in entrepreneurship, business growth or cornerstone contributions; on the cutting edge and are transforming the way the world does business; recognizable innovation in the field of public sector finance; delivering practical financial solutions.
  • Government, public policy and law: serving their nations as federal, state, county and local government employees; leading the way to a more effective and responsive public administration in countries worldwide.
  • Arts and culture: made, led, inspired or contributed to advance, promote and improve, theatre, music, dance, visual arts, literature and arts advocacy.
  • Science and technology: contributes to advancing scientific knowledge, shows innovation; has brought true benefit and well-being to mankind; engaging in scientific research and its applications that have helped provide solutions to global and environmental problems.
  • Media and entertainment: contributed to technology in the media and entertainment industry; in recognition of unique talent and performances.
  • Service, development and education: shows outstanding creativity, commitment and inspiration in educational systems; promotes the skills students need to be successful 21st-century learners; displays excellent teaching practices and enriches the learning experiences; civic leadership through volunteerism; service to their communities.
  • Athletics: acknowledging accomplishments in athletics, sportsmanship.


*AUC alumni are:

  • Those holding a bachelor's or master's degree from AUC
  • Former students who have spent at least one year studying toward a bachelor's or master's degree at AUC
  • Recipients of honorary doctoral degrees
  • Participants of special programs such as CASA (Center for Arabic Study Abroad)