Print Shop and Copy Center


The general purpose of the Printing and Copying Services Unit is to provide quality, timely, and efficient printing and copying services to the AUC community in order to best support its academic programs and administrative services. All print and copy jobs requested by an AUC department, unit, group, or community member for University related purposes must be sent through the University Printing and Copying Services Unit.

The Print Shop general manager or supervisor will determine the most efficient and economical method to best meet the requirements of the job/order, including the use of contracts with outside printers or copy vendors and print shop resources. Only senior print shop staff may make decisions regarding outside vendors and/or outsourcing jobs.

Please note that individual departments may not contract or send jobs to outside printers.



Printing Services

  • Publications
  • Binding
  • Other Services

Copying Services

  • Professors' Notes and Printing of Electronic Archives
  • Printing of Examination Papers and Confidential Materials
  • Touch Screen Copy on Demand
  • Print
  • Scanning
  • Colored paper
  • Binding