Mission, Vision and Values

The Office of Supply Chain Management and Business Support oversees all purchasing of equipment, supplies, and services for the University. It is responsible for selecting vendors and negotiating contracts to ensure the best value and quality. The office also handles storage, inventory, and delivery of products.    

It is one of the official liaison offices between AUC departments, academic units and key governmental authorities through the University's Office of the Counselor. The office also assists non-residents in securing the necessary visa and residency requirements for studying and working.  



Supply Chain Management works to ensure that the AUC community is provided with high quality timely services at the best price possible.



To employ best practice standards and techniques so that SCM is  recognized for its leadership, creativity, integrity and excellent services.



  • We operate with the highest standards of integrity.
  • We champion thought leadership and innovation.
  • We offer service timely with the highest quality.
  • We commit to effective communication with our clients and with ourselves.