May - June 2020 Remote Work Arrangements

This memorandum outlines a pilot program during the COVID-19 emergency to authorize employees meeting certain criteria to work from approved remote locations, usually their homes. The purpose of this pilot program is to enable the continuation of critically necessary functions while minimizing the presence of employees on campus during the emergency. These guidelines and procedures will be in effect until June 30, 2020, or as the Senior AVP for Human Resources may extend beyond that date.  

Staff who are requested to remain off campus during the COVID 19 emergency and to streamline the work remote procedures we are requesting them to follow the following procedures and obtain all necessary approvals.

While individual position responsibilities vary, standard policies and criteria apply to the approval and management of all remote work arrangements. Many forms of desk work and customer service may be performed from remote locations through electronic means, provided that the work output is readily and objectively measurable. Simple time spent at a desk does not constitute measurable output. Effective performance management is important to the success of the remote work program.

Following clear and consistent performance management principles and techniques should result in a seamless transition for managers and their employees moving to remote work arrangements. 

  1. The staff member who believes that his or her duties may qualify for execution at a remote location on either a full or part-time basis must apply for remote work by completing this google form.
  2. The request should meet the following conditions:

A.  Type of Work

  • The staff member’s duties must not require a continuous physical presence in interactions with customers or personnel, or accomplishment at a physical location within the University.
  • Accomplishments should be well-defined, measurable and verifiable by supervisors.
  • Deadlines for each task/deliverable must be clearly stated.

B.  Agreement from Supervisor

  • There must be a clear understanding between the staff member and the supervisor as to how monitoring, verification, and supervision will take place remotely. Monitoring must happen regularly.
  • The supervisor must confirm that the staff member has been responsible and diligent, and has demonstrated commitment in the usual performance of his/her duties, such as to require only occasional monitoring and supervision throughout the day.
  1. The supervisor will recommend final approval or denial of the employee’s completed application to the school dean (academic area) or functional head (other areas). Just as in normal physical presence work on campus, managers are always accountable for continuous monitoring of their employees’ performance and accomplishment of well-defined work also when they work from a remote location.
  2. The approved forms will be automatically forwarded to the concerned HR Business Partners.
  3. The HR Business Partners will validate approvals on the forms, compile a detailed report to be shared with respective area heads on the bi-weekly basis and retain records. Supervisors must continue to evaluate the performance of employees working from remote locations, in accordance with normal performance evaluation practices for work performed on campus.  
  4. The supervisor/director/unit or area head, or the senior associate vice president for human resources, may cancel or suspend any remote work arrangements for any employee at any time. 
  5. It is the responsibility of the employee and his/her supervisor to coordinate directly with the IT services office about their technical needs.

The following is a flow chart detailing the action points taken by either the staff member, requesting to work remotely, or management and human resources:



Identify need or opportunity for remote work as per the above criteria

The staff member and direct manager


Assess whether work can be performed, monitored, and measured remotely

Direct manager


Fill the form online

Staff member


Review all forms and approve/disapprove

First and second level managers 


Reviews all requests approved by managers and renders final validation in communication with respective area head 

HR business partner, managers, and area heads


Communicate with IT for any needed technical assistance

Staff member, manager, IT


Review implementation and performance evaluation regularly. Modify the arrangement, if needed, to meet business needs 

Staff member, and management 


Consider possible continuation on a full or part-time schedule or cancellation of the remote work request

Staff member, management, and HR

HR Business Partner, Academic       

HR Business Partner, Support Functions

HR Business Partner, Grants



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