Emotional Intelligence

Workshop Overview:

Capture a positive view of yourself, your present and future 

Perceive and express emotions and how to use them to develop and sustain relationships with others 

Regulate external pressure, stress and impulses 

Start and maintain relationships effectively with others 

Workshop Outline: 

•    What is Emotional intelligence? 
•    Why Emotional intelligence? 
•    The 90/10 Principle 
•    The Emotional intelligence framework: 

    First Name: Serenity 
    How content am I? 
o    Steps to become happier 
    How hopeful am I? 
o    Getting a Positive Outlook 
    How confident am I? 
o    Self-Awareness 
o    Self-Esteem 

    Last Name: Self Restraint 
    How well do I manage my emotions? 
o    Different emotions 
o    Prefrontal Cortex 
o    Emotional vs. Rational Thinking 
    How well do I control my impulses? 
o    Amygdala Hijack 
o    Increasing Wait time 
o    Instant gratification vs. long-term satisfaction 

    Type of Home: Relationships 
    How well do I understand my emotions? 
    How well do I understand others emotions? 
    How well do I express my emotions? 
    How well do I empathize? 

    Street: Social Awareness 
    How socially aware am I? 
o    3 types of individuals 

•    Intent vs. impact 
•    Action Plan 

Who should attend: All Staff 

Date: December 17 - 18, 2017
Time: 9:00 am - 3:45 pm
Duration: Two days
Venue: Room G007, Administration Building