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AUC provides a unique opportunity of study abroad for students who are seeking unique experiences, fresh perspectives, cultural immersion into the exciting Egyptian experience. The University offers a variety of programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels that will enhance their regional knowledge, promote cultural immersion and motivates them to be active in local and global discussions. It is strongly advised that students begin planning registration and course selection process with academic advisers or registrars in your home institutions and ensure credit transfer after their study time at AUC.

AUC is accredited in the United States and Egypt, and partners with over 185 universities worldwide. For over a decade, students enrolled at US institutions have been applying to study abroad scholarships.

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International Academic Advising

If you are an international student and want to attend AUC, our academic advisor can help you with all aspects of the admission process. The advisor is also responsible for your academic advising and registration. 

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At the majors fair, freshmen meet faculty members and learn about AUC's academic programs

Special Academic Programs for Partner Universities

Special academic programs are short-term academic programs that are specifically designed for visiting groups of scholars and students. The programs can be study visits or credit-hour courses, with their duration ranging from one day to two months or more.

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James Kegere aims to inspire change in Egypt and abroad through scientific research and nanotechnology

Summer Sessions

Students from more than 30 countries usually attend AUC’s summer sessions to pursue a wide variety of subjects. Although most students are full-time students at AUC, many nondegree students also take classes also take courses during one or both of the summer sessions offered at AUC.

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Global view of the middle east


AUC’s partnerships is directed at demonstrating the quality of AUC’s academic activities and their impact on the world, as well as its internal capacity in educational and scholarly endeavors, to local and international audiences and institutions.

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Students studying in class

Grading and Examination

Student work in each course is evaluated throughout the semester. Examinations, quizzes, reports, discussions or other means of evaluation help students know how they stand in a course.

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Admission Students

Frequently Asked Questions

General inquiries for study abroad students

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Leone Close, Germany

In Germany, we don not have a welcome week like this! It’s just something new to me: the American system and Egyptian students. People have been very friendly here. I want to invite students from AUC to Germany, and likewise, I believe students in Germany would love to study at AUC.

Leone Close, Germany Undergraduate Study Abroad, Islamic Studies and Political Science
Jack Hostager, United States

It’s beautiful, and the campus is gorgeous! We got to see the actual city, and they’re organizing a lot of trips for us this year. I am very excited to be here, meet new people and learn about Egypt. I can’t wait to meet and get to know other students here.

Jack Hostager, United States Undergraduate Study Abroad, University of Pennsylvania, Arabic Language and International Relations

I am enjoying my time. It’s my second time in Cairo and my first time on campus. The experience has been fascinating, to say the least.

Gabriel El-Hassan, Ghana Graduate, Master of Science in Sustainable Development



Exchange and Study Abroad Program Brochure

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Exchange and Study Abroad Program Factsheet

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