Competency: Service (Excellence of Customer Service)

Workshop Overview:

To understand the quality and service standards offered by the organization and the role of customer service in fulfilling its mission and vision and its values. Customer Service is the most important contact any organization will have with its client and has therefore evolved into a strategic function rather than a complementary one. To understand the importance of customer service and the pillars upon which it is built is essential to fulfill the organization's long term and short-term strategic goals.


Workshop Outline:

· Why customer service is as needed as ever?

· What do customers need today and why?

· Role play (Put yourself in my shoes!).

· Why do we need to focus on our existing customers not only our potential customers?

· Customer attraction business.

· Customer acquisition cycle and its stages.

· How to make your prospects call you instead of chasing them.

· What is customer service?

· The service delivery system (Service encounters)

· Defining and understanding customer satisfaction.

· Different levels of customer expectations

· Defining the customer.

· Customer service pillars.

· Providing assurance, reliability, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness.

· Defining the service attitude.

· Positive energy and attitude magic in relation customer service.

· Fish Philosophy and creating a positive environment.

· Turning negatives into positives.

· How to handle an angry customer.

· A journey for better communication starts with a decision (an individual decision)

· Let your door open and  your encounter warm.


Who Should Attend: All staff


Date: November 6 - 7, 2017
Time: 9:00 am - 3:45 pm
Duration: Two days
Venue: Room G007, Administration Building