Well-Being and Success Tips

To better support you through the different challenges you are facing with online classes, COVID-19 Pandemic, and personal stressors, we at the Center for Student Well-Being have put together some tips to help you get through it. 

  1. Try to set up a daily structured routine.
  2. Treat every day like it is a regular weekday and attend the classes scheduled for that day (whether that means listening to a recorded lecture, connecting to a live lecture, or working on an assignment).
  3. Keep a regular sleep schedule (try to be asleep by 12:00 midnight maximum and get at least eight to nine hours of sleep.
  4. Eat healthy to support your concentration for studies and immunity in light of the coronavirus.  Schedule your meals and avoid fast food and unhealthy snacks. Focus on nutritious foods such as fruit, vegetables, and lean meats.
  5. Build exercise into your daily routine. (If you can go for a walk that would be great - if not, any home exercise video on YouTube will do). Physical activity boosts your mood and helps you concentrate as well.
  6. Expose yourself to sunlight whenever you can, even if just by sitting by a window.
  7. Meet with your friends - but mind the social distance and wear your masks. It’s important to stay connected and maintain meaningful relationships - and while doing so be mindful of safety measures.
  8. Find something positive about your day every day.
  9. Set weekly goals. Check them off as you achieve them. This allows you a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to continue being productive.

Coping with Coronavirus - This is a helpful website that a few students from UCL came up with that includes information on: 

If you try these and still feel that you need additional support or are struggling with other challenges, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to discuss individual concerns by filling in the Counseling Request Form.