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The Office of Human Resources at The American University in Cairo hires and maintains highly skilled and competent personnel who are able to contribute to the University's mission, vision and core values. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for developing programs and policies that are supportive to the needs of its diverse personnel and enhance a sound environment where integrity, teamwork, service, productivity and innovation prevail. 

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Message from Senior AVP

Welcome to a diverse community of more than 2700 full-time and part-time faculty and staff.

AUC offers you the opportunity to work and learn in one of the most prestigious liberal arts education institutions. Its state-of-the-art campus is technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable as well as accessible to people with disabilities.

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Campus Conversation: Welcome Back to Campus

September 5, The last Campus Conversation before school starts this semester for important University updates on returning safely back to campus.

Staff Returning to Campus in Fall 2021 and the Remote Work Policy

August 5, In an interview with Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources Sarah Refaat, we learn the policy and plans for how staff will transition back to work on campus in the fall and how the University will handle remote work.

Staff Salary Increases and Compensation

August 4, Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources Sarah Refaat explains the recent staff salary increases and two compensation initiatives in the coming year.


HR Interview on Work in Fall 2021

In an interview with Senior AVP for HR Sarah Refaat, we learn the policy and plans for how to help staff transition back to work on campus in the fall.  

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HR Programs

Staff Onboarding Program

Staff Onboarding Program

The onboarding program will begin from the moment you are offered a job to work with us and will continue along the way. The Office of Human Resources is your strategic partner to help you seamlessly enter your new role, and will also be on your side in your growth and development journey.


Learning and Development

The Office of Human Resources is adopting the latest technologies in learning and development by providing advanced solutions to facilitate the growth and development process of AUC’s workforce.


Excellence Award Program

It is a recognition program, with three kinds of awards presented each quarter to a number of staff members who demonstrated outstanding service/performance or who have made a significant contribution to the University beyond the normal expectations of their positions.

Contact Us

Office of Human Resources

Administration Building, AUC New Cairo
Falaki Academic Center, AUC Tahrir Square

Working Hours:
Sunday to Thursday, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

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