Special Needs and Additional Support


I have a documented special need. What should I do?

First, know that all Department of Rhetoric and Composition instructors are committed to helping students with special needs.  If you have a documented disability and want to request special accommodations at any time during the semester, please ask your instructor or contact Student Disability Services at extension 3918 or sds@aucegypt.edu.  AUC complies with the American Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and offers numerous facilities available to help you with  your educational endeavors.  


I feel that I will need some additional support. What should I do?

You should meet with your instructor as early in the semester as possible.  Explain your situation to your instructor and ask what additional assistance might be available.  AUC offers many services to help students strengthen and improve in both academic and non-academic areas, and some of these may be helpful.  Additionally, the AUC Writing and Communication Center can offer additional support in writing.


What does the writing center offer? How can the Writing and Communication Center help me?

The writing center offers individual 30-minute tutoring sessions to help you improve your communication abilities through writing, presenting and critical thinking. You can tell the writing center what you need help with or the writing center can look at the progress of your work and then recommend focusing the time on brainstorming, outlining and planning, researching, drafting and revising, grammar and mechanics, style and documentation, responding to instructor comments and developing ideas for your capstone project.  You can see available times and sign up for an appointment here. Walk-ins are allowed, but only if there is an available tutor.


My instructor uses a lot of online tools and systems to coordinate the class, and I think I need some extra help, what should I do?

As is common in many courses at AUC, many rhetoric instructors also actively use online tools to help coordinate and manage the class and assignments (such as Turnitin.com, Google Drive, Google Sites, Blackboard, Moodle, or more).  It is highly advantageous for students to become familiar with using such online resources.  If you feel that you may need extra help in this area, please approach your instructor early in the semester.  Other resources available to you are to visit UACT at AUC which is able to help students with many computer related issues.  Also, most of these online tools have many helpful “help videos” on their websites or on youtube.com.  If you have limited access to a computer with an internet connection, then you are encouraged to use the computer labs available in the library.  


I have a concern about the instructor, the course, or the way the class is being run, what should I do?

In almost all cases, you should first speak directly with the instructor. If for some reason you feel you cannot speak directly with the instructor, then you should come to the RHET offices and ask to meet with the chair or the associate chair of the department. But again, in almost all cases, you should start by meeting with the instructor. When you meet with the instructor you should be prepared to express your concerns in a professional and respectable manner. In most cases, this will resolve the concern.  


If for some reason, this does not resolve the concern, then you should come to the RHET offices and ask to meet with the chair or the associate chair of the department. You should come to that meeting with any evidence or proof that would support your concern. If the process of meeting with the chair or associate chair does not resolve your concern, then you can go through an official academic grievance process. This process requires very specific steps and should be followed carefully.  You can read about the academic Grievance Procedures by clicking here.