Sample Email

Dear Students,

Be reassured that during the period of online instruction, our course will continue online. In preparation, I am sharing our class communication plan with you. Most of our communication online will take place through Blackboard.

I am suggesting you do the following to be sure that you are ready:

  • Practice logging into Blackboard and find our course. Email me using Blackboard, and confirm that you have logged in and found our course.

  • Check your AUC email regularly for updates from me and from AUC. These updates will include specific directions about course content, assignments, final exam, and the final project/s and any adjustments in the syllabus if the need arises.

  • Please know that I will be checking my email every <<insert days and response time>>

  • I also want to reassure you that our course learning outcomes will be met and that I will make allowances for any technical difficulties that you may experience.

  • Please email me at <<xxxxxxx>> with any questions.