Communicating your Plan to Students

Here are some suggested steps you could take during the period of online instruction to ensure your students are aware of how you plan to conduct class online:

  • Explain to your students how you plan to continue the course online.

  • Ensure your students know how to log in and access Blackboard. If you don't use it regularly, show them how to log in. They probably know how to already.

  • Blackboard is a suggested solution for the following reasons

    • All students in your course have access to all course materials.

    • You can send regular announcements to all course participants

    • Your students can upload their assignments and have discussions

    • Blackboard is supported by AUC Technology Solutions Office

  • Inform the students on what steps to take for any final presentations, exams, and projects in case they are due during the period of online instruction.

  • Clarify how and how often you will communicate with your students, how they will communicate with you. Stress that students should only use either Blackboard or their AUC email for official communication.

  • Since not all of your students will be technologically savvy, select the simplest possible solution and tools that meet your student learning outcomes. This will reduce anxiety and frustration.

  • If you choose to use a tool not supported by AUC, you may do so, but AUC will not be able to offer training or troubleshooting support.

  • Make sure that any solution you choose is accessible to all students. Check that all your students have reliable internet access and their own device. If some of them will be mainly using a mobile device, check that the tool you are using works smoothly on mobile and 4G. If you have students with special accommodations, contact the office of student wellbeing for advice.

Here is a sample email text that you can adapt and use with your students.