Senior Specialist, Web Development and Technical Support (50006557)

Reports to: Chair of Arabic Language Instruction (ALI) Department

Purpose: The main purpose of this position is to develop ALI’s educational and general-purpose websites and designing new programs on demand. The job also requires analyzing user requirements, procedures, and problems to provide software solutions using open source tools that will automate or improve existing systems. In addition, to conducting workshops for ALI instructors on e-learning solutions and overseeing all IT technical support for the ALI’s faculty, staff and students while updating and maintaining ALI servers and all computing equipment.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Web Applications:
    • Develop and maintain web application using ASP.Net and SQL server as an online exam, online schedule, online equipment tracker, LibLib website and ECA website
    • Develop and maintain educational websites using Drupal, PHP, and MySQL as Morphology website, Grammar Book website, Blackboard manual website, CALL website and e-Library
    • Evaluate user requirements compared to business rules
    • Maintaining web development documentation, testing cases, and specifications and organized documentation repository
    • Generate design documents, source code, and other work products necessary for the ongoing success of the product(s)
    • Applies and maintains web coding quality standards
  • Website:
    • Plan a roadmap for development activities and task prioritization of upcoming projects
    • Monitor routine content changes and ensures the accuracy of content data feeds
  • Faculty and Students
    • Serve as an IT support help desk to ALI faculty, support staff, unit directors and students
    • Digitize, edit and convert audio and video materials to suitable formats
  • Video Shooting:
    • Record audio and video materials when needed 
    • Conduct training sessions for teachers to enhance their computer skills
    • Manage all activities related to video shooting during smart classrooms’ operations
  • Upgrade Computers:
    • Help students troubleshoot compatibility problems
    • Help faculty and staff members upgrade and troubleshoot software on both campuses; AUC Tahrir Square and AUC New Cairo
    • Plan, develop, maintain and enhance systems based on requirements using approved technologies and coding standards
    • Collaborate with other departments and/or offices to gather accurate specifications for new enhancements and applications
  • Servers:
    • Monitor all ALI servers functioning including Online Exams and CALL Unit Lab
  • Smart Classrooms:
    • Assist teachers in using the smart classrooms while they are teaching
    • Assist students troubleshoot compatibility problems
    • Install new equipment in ALI classrooms
    • Coordinate with respective departments in the University to keep smart classrooms function properly
    • Update software programs in the smart classrooms
  • CALL Unit Lab:
    • Prepare documentation (e.g. reports, instructions, memos) for the purpose of providing written support and/or conveying information
    • Manage annual IT assessment of ALI equipment and relevant pricing of needed replacement and/or new equipment
    • Train other developers and staff in the CALL Unit
    • Implement CALL lab rules
    • Follow up with vendors when maintenance is needed for equipment
    • Prepare step-by-step tutorial movie clips
    • Explore new e-learning technologies
    • Deal with network photocopiers and printers
  • Software:
    • Provide timely and accurate troubleshooting for hardware and software issues
    • Troubleshoots malfunctions of hardware and/or software applications for the purpose of determining appropriate actions to maintain computer lab operations
    • Update all software programs periodically and prepare new ones for installation
    • Cope with UTI networking and UACT policies
    • Assist teachers in troubleshooting, e-learning solutions such as Blackboard, Moodle and Google Hangout
    • Design software solutions and features that meet users’ requirements
    • Create and present multiple technical solutions that show thoughtful approaches to strategy and issue resolution
    • Responsible for formulating effective responsive designs and turning them into a working theme
    • Perform software testing
    • Keep abreast of improvements in programming techniques
  • Perform other related duties as assigned


 Minimum Education Requirement:

  •  Bachelor of computer science or engineering


  • Five to seven years of experience including three years in the web development field


  • Excellent command of spoken and written English and Arabic languages
  • Proven experience as a senior web developer and programmer
  • Microsoft SharePoint/WSS (Windows SharePoint Server) development and administration
  • Deep expertise with web services (SOAP/REST)
  • Experience with ASP.NET and SQL Programming Language and Databases
  • Strong grasp of information security principles
  • Candidate must have a strong understanding of user interface, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions and standards
  • Deep expertise and hands-on experience with web applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and API's
  • Expertise in XML, WSDL, and web services
  • Familiarity with java coding including different frameworks
  • Familiarity with C++ and C sharp language
  • Multi-tier architecture, SQL and relational databases is a strong plus
  • Experience in object-oriented design and development
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Expertise in security practices
  • Comfortable working with debugging tools like Firebug, Chrome inspector
  • Team management skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to conduct comprehensive research in a chosen domain
  • Good experience with responsive and adaptive design
  • Capable of quickly learning and applying new technologies and software


The position is open until March 4, 2020


Placement is based on the candidate’s experience and skills. Only candidates who make it to the shortlist will be contacted.

If interested, follow the link below and apply:

Senior Specialist, Web Development and Technical Support, (ALA)


“We thank all individuals who have expressed interest in working at The American University in Cairo.”