Rhetoric and Composition

The Department of Rhetoric and Composition sees the study of rhetoric and written literacy as essential to academic, professional, civic and personal life. We acknowledge rhetoric's dynamic relationship to culture and thought, and we visualize writing and speaking as primary vehicles for professional and public discourse. In keeping with this vision, we seek to create a dynamic learning environment in which students develop writing and communication skills necessary for professional and academic settings.

The Department of Rhetoric and Composition provides a solid foundation for critical thinking, reading and writing, promoting excellence in research and rhetoric in a variety of multi-modal, discipline-specific and inter-disciplinary genres. As part of this effort, we work to maintain a community where knowledge discernment, research methods, rhetorical skills and basic human values are cultivated to deepen academic learning, personal growth and community engagement, and where achievements are evaluated through an ongoing process of self-assessment for purposes of program enhancement.

The objectives of the department are as follows:

  • Create an inquiry-based teaching and learning environment
  • Create a teaching and learning community that promotes excellence through respectful and productive teaching and research collaborations
  • Provide a rigorous undergraduate composition curriculum that helps students develop skills in academic literacy, including critical reading, writing, analysis, argument and research skills
  • Promote critical and cultural literacy in students to prepare them for an increasingly complex and multi-mediated world



The Department of Rhetoric and Composition  encourages its students to participate in the Program for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Entrepreneurship and Creative Achievement (EURECA), which holds an annual conference for undergraduate students. For more information about the EURECA conference and journal, please click here.

Rhetoric Publications
Rhetoric Today: For the latest edition of the Rhetoric Today, click here.

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