Candygirl is written in a simple and straight forward style that is both easy to understand and interact with. The language also mirrors the fast rhythm of the plot, making the text easily digestible instead of complex and confusing. Because the novel is translated into English by its author its meanings and unique language style and syntax are not lost in translation. The novel reads well in a foreign language, that is both culturally sensitive and manages to retain the spirit of the author's mother tongue.

About the Author

M.M. Tawfik was born in Cairo. He obtained degrees in civil engineering, international law and international relations. He is a member of the Egyptian Writers Union, Pen International, the Geneva Writers Group and ACT writers of Australia. He is the author of three volumes of short stories in Arabic, from which a selection was made and published in English in Cairo in 1997 under the title, The Day the Moon Fell, as well as three novels, including Murder in the Tower of Happiness (AUC Press, 2008).