Alleged Faculty Violations

Reporting a Violation
The Code of Academic Ethics applies to all members of the AUC community. The process for investigating alleged faculty violations varies slightly from the process for reporting alleged student violations. There is no designated form, and so alleged faculty violations may be emailed directly to aic@aucegypt.edu. The email needs to include a statement of the charge and a narrative explaining the alleged violation. Once the report is received, the Office of Academic Integrity will start the process of investigation.

Process of Investigation
Alleged faculty violations are investigated by a committee comprised of members of the Council on Academic Integrity and other faculty members. The mandate governing faculty investigations is fact-finding and determining, when possible, the extent and severity of any committed violation. The investigatory committee reaches a decision but does not recommend sanctions for violations found to have been committed. The committee may recommend actions to improve processes or safeguards to prevent future violations of a similar nature. The investigatory committee, through the Academic Integrity Office, has the right to request information or testimony from any member of the community who may be able to assist in the investigation.

Outcome and Possible Sanctions
The investigatory report is submitted to the provost, who has the right to accept or dismiss the findings of the report or to request further investigations. If the findings are accepted, the provost may either take action directly or form a new committee to recommend sanctions. All decision letters are issued by the Provost.