Deferred Payment Application Instructions and Tips

Please be sure that the Application status is “Submitted” otherwise application will not be considered for deferral action. 

In case of incomplete status is shown, please follow the following steps:

1.      Login to Banner Self-Service

2.      Choose the Student Awards and Financial aid option

3.      Choose the View my Applications option

4.      The filled deferred payment application will be displayed, click View/Modify

5.      Application details will be shown, press view/modify sections

6.      Proceed in filling the deferred payment application sections and press Submit button at the end


 In order to successfully submit your application, you need to:

1.      Choose the installment type you wish (two or three installments)

2.      Mark the two sections as complete (click to apply to deferred payment section and agreement section) by checking the checkbox at the end of sections

3.       Make sure to press Submit