Recent Events


During the first week of July 2018, a cohort of 24 AUC faculty members, staff members and graduate students, representing the entire AUC community, took part in a Design Thinking Bootcamp, designed and facilitated by the Hasso-Plattner Institute School of Design Thinking (HPI), in collaboration with design thinking experts at CLT, AUC.


From September 28 - October 1, 2017, CLT hosted staff from MIT’s Office of Digital Learning and from AGFE, who participated in a public panel on September 28, conducted a three-day Design Camp for AUC and AUB faculty members and faculty developers involved in the first phase of course redesign of this project, and held a reception open to all AUC faculty members.


In collaboration with the Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education, University of Delaware-PBL , the CLT hosted a 2-day Problem-based Learning Institute to provide an international opportunity for AUC faculty members offered locally in Egypt through an intensive workshop experience facilitated by international experts in the field of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for STEM and other fields. Our goal is also to facilitate knowledge and skill transfer to our faculty through this immersive experience. read more about PBl


CLT brought a unique international professional development opportunity to AUC, the Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo: an AMICAL Institute. The institute was facilitated by an international team of faculty who are leading voices in the field of digital pedagogy. To learn about facilitators and other information visit this website.


The digital humanity is a diverse field, of interest to humanists, social scientists, librarians and technologists alike. Thus this program exposes participants to different approaches to the digital humanities, from a workshop on mapping and visualization by AUB Associate Professor David Joseph Wrisley (on Twitter as @DJWrisley), to an exploration of sentiment analysis on Twitter by computational linguist and Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics, Khaled el Ghamry (on twitter as @khaled_elghamry). The day also included a panel of scholars exploring the opportunities and challenges that digital humanities pose for the Arab World.


A Teaching Enhancement Program is in the process of being developed. The program will address the needs of all AUC faculty members and would lead to a certificate of participation, counting towards promotion, tenure, renewal of contracts and the AFR.


The 2015 symposium focused on showcasing ways of innovative teaching at AUC.  The keynote by Jon Nixon from The Hong Kong Institute of Education addressed the topic "Where Disciplines Meet: Grounds of Understanding." The following topics were presented: "Bridging the Pedagogical Gap - Metacognitive Reading Strategies in Higher Education," "EPortfolios: Documenting Achievements and Reflecting on Learning," "Reforming Civil Engineering Education: A Leap of Faith, Pictures and Experiential Learning," and "Flipping an AUC Class: A Personal Perspective."


The day introduced the pedagogical approach of blending online with face-to-face learning and gave faculty members the opportunity to explore whether this may be a good approach for courses. The topic of the Keynote presentation was “Designing Blended Learning to Engage Learners Online and in Class." In addition, the following blended learning pilot courses at AUC were presented by Carie Forden, Lori Fredricks, Ezzeldin Yazeed, and Raghda El Essawi.


CLT Day featured booths and posters exploring innovative educational practices and tools covering the themes of creative pedagogics, experiential learning, educational technology, formative assessment and more. Faculty poster sessions included topics like: “Revolutionizing Business Education” by Ahmed Tolba, “Prevention Program Grant Competition” by Carie Forden, “Spatial Praxis: Theories of Space, Place and Pedagogy” by Doris Jones, “Design Competitions: Spaghetti Columns and Tongue Presser Bridges” by Ezzeldin Yazeed, “Game on! Enhancing Engagement with Student-Generated Game Designs” by Fady Michel, “The Case for Historical Re-enactments” by Hanan Kholoussy, “Cross-cultural Pedagogical Exchange: Dialogue Between AUC and PartnerUniversities from the Arab World, the Global South and the West” by Mohamed Fahmy Menza , and "Animated Timeline for the Course, People and Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa" by Soraya Altorki


AUC’s Libraries and Learning Technologies, in cooperation with the Center for Learning and Teaching, and the Access to Knowledge for Development Center hosted the first Open Access Days at AUC. Our aim is to promote open access to researchers in Egypt and the Middle East and to plant a seed for future initiatives.