Core Courses Offered in Fall 2016

Freshman Level
Pathways One: Scientific Encounters

BIOL 1010

Introduction to Life Science

BIOL 1011

Introduction to Biology I

BIOL 1410

Current Health Issues

BIOL 1040

Essentials of Environmental Biology

CHEM 1003

Chemistry and Society (for students with no chemistry background)

CHEM 1004

Man and the Environment

CHEM 1005

General Chemistry I

MACT 1221

Statistical Reasoning

MACT 1930

Selected Topics for Core Curriculum

PHYS 1001

Physics for Poets (for students with no physics background)

PHYS 1930

Selected Topics for Core Curriculum

SCI 1009

Exploration of the Universe

SCI 1930

Selected Topics for Core Curriculum

SCI 2004

Chemistry, Art and Archaeology

SCI 2005

Introduction to Geology

SCI 1015


SCI 1020 Scientific Thinking
PHIL 2100 Philosophical Thinking

Pathways Two:

Cultural Explorations (3 credit hours)
SEMR 1099 Selected Topics for Core Curriculum
SEMR 1023 Celebrating Ideas: A Voyage Through Books, film, Art and Theater
SEMR 1110 Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
POLS 1001 Introduction to Political Science
ECLT 1023 Experiencing Creativity Text and Images
ECLT 1099 Selected Topics:Magic Realism in Art, Cinema &Story Telling
ECON 1099 Selected Topics for the Core Curriculum
AMST 1090 What is America?
HIST 1103 Words that Mads History: Great Speeches of the 20th Century
EGPT 1099 Ancient Egypt in Modern Culture:Transmission of Culture
SOC 1099 Selected Topics
THTR 1101 The World of Theater
Secondary Level
Category 1:  
Humanities and Social Sciences (3 credit hours)
ANTH 2099 Selected Topics for Core Curriculum
ANTH 2101 Cultural Anthropology
ARIC 2206 The City of Cairo
ARIC 2270 From Andalusia to Indonesia: Intro. to Islamic Art and Arch. I
ARIC 3353 Muslim Political Thought
ARIC 3435 Introduction to the Study of Islam
ARTV 3270 Selected Topics in Art
ARTV/FILM/DSGN 2113 Introduction to Visual Cultures
ARTV/FILM/DSGN 2200 Analogue & Digital Practices
CORE 2099 Selected Topics for Core Curriculum
ECLT 2011 Survey of British Literature
ECLT 3005 Romanticism: Crisis and Revolt
ECLT 3070 Creative Writing
ECLT/PHIL 3014 Literature and Philosophy
ECON 2011 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 2021 Introduction to Macroeconomics
FILM 2120 Introduction to Film
HIST 2402 Europe from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment (1337-1789)
HIST 2403 Europe in the Age of Revolution and Reform (1789-1914)
LING 2200 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 2210 Principles and Practice of Teaching English (CBL)
MUSC 2200 Introduction to Music
MUSC 2400 Western Musc Theory I
PHIL 2010 Informal Logic
PHIL 2099 Selected Topics for Core Curriculum
PHIL 2111 Self and Society
PHIL 3014 Literature and Philosophy
PPAD 2099 Selected Topics for Core Curriculum
PSYC 1000 Introduction to Psychology 
RHET 2220 Public Speaking
RHET 3110 The Writer’s Workshop
RHET 3210 Business Communication
RHET 3230 Technical Communication
RHET 3310 Effective Rhetoric: Discourse and Power
RHET 3330 Changing Words, Changing Worlds
RHET 3350 Writing and Cognition
SOC 2101 Introduction to Sociology
THTR 2101 Theatre in the Making
THTR 2301 Play Analysis
Category 2:
Arab World Studies (6 credit hours)
ANTH/SOC 2005 Arab Society
ANTH 3301 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa
ANTH 3305 Selected People and Culture Areas
ARIC 2097 Sel Topics for the Core Curriculum in Arab World Studies: Beauty Reason in Arab/Islamic Civilization
ARIC 2101 Introduction to Classical Arabic Literature
ARIC 2102 Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
ARIC 2104 Modern Arabic Literature in Translation
ARIC 2205 The World of Islamic Architecture, from the Beginnings to the Present Day
ARIC 2346/HIST 2203 Survey of Arab History
ARIC 3104 Arabic Literature and Gender
ARIC 3106 Arabic Literature and Film
ARIC 3097 Selected Themes and Topics in Arabic Literature
ARIC 3115 Arabic Drama
ARIC 3116 The Arabic Short Story
ARIC 3197 Selected Themes and Topics in Arabic Literature in Translation
ARIC 3324 Non-Muslim Communities in the Muslim World
ARIC 3343 Birth of Muslim Community and Rise of the Arab Caliphates
ARIC 3344/HIST 3211 Caliphs and Sultans in the Age of Crusades and Mongols
ARIC 3397 Selected topic in Middle East History: Green History of ME
ECON 2051 Economic History of the Modern Middle East
FILM 3120 Cinema in Egypt and the Arab World
HIST 2204 The Making of the Modern Arab World
MUSC 3250 Music in the Arab Tradition
SOC 2301 Social Problems of the Middle East
SOC 2302 Arab Family Structure and Dynamics
Category 3:
Global Studies (3 credit hours)
AMST 2096 Selected Topics for Core Curriculum
Anth 3040 States,Capital and Rural Lives
ANTH 3305 Selected People and Culture Areas
ANTH 3080 Gender,Power and Social Change
ARIC 3268 The Art of the Book in The Islamic World
CREL 2603 Religions of the World
ECLT 3001 Medieval Literature: The Medieval Legacy in the Modern World
ECLT 3030 Literature and Cinema
ECLT 3099 Selected Topics: Autobiographical Fiction: Truth or Lies?
HIST 2096 Selected Topics for Core Curriculum in International World St.
HIST 2104 World History
HIST/POLS 2404 Europe in International Politics in the Twentieth Century
HIST 2501 History of American Civilization to the 19th Century
HIST 2301 Colonial and Post Colonial Africa
HIST/CREL 2604 The Quest for the Historical Jesus
LING 2201 Languages of the World
MUSC 2000 World Music
SOC 3045 The Urban Experience
SOC 3303/ANTH 3020 Social Movements
SOC 3304 Social Class and Inequality
SOC 3085 Environmental Issues in Egypt

Capstone Level:

(6 credit hours)

ACCT 4003* Contemporary Issues in Accounting
AENG 4980* Senior Project I
AENG 4981* Senior Project II
ANTH 4025 Religion in a Global World
ARIC 5110 Senior Seminar in Arabic Texts: Cairo in the Cultural Imaginary
ARIC 5135/HIST 4220 International Trade 1000 - 1700: Egypt and the Mediterranean - Red Sea Trade
BIOL 4980 Senior Research Thesis
CENG 4980* Senior Project I
CENG 4981 Senior Project II
CHEM 4980* Senior Thesis
CORE 4198 Selected Topic for Core Curriculum
CSCE 4980* Senior Project I
CSCE 4981* Senior Project II
ECLT 4099 Capstone Seminar: Selected Topics
ECON 3071* Labor Economics (CBL)
ECON 4051* Seminar on Economic Development in the Middle East
ECON 4099* Seminar: Special Topics in Economics
ECNG 4980* Senior Project I
ECNG 4981* Senior Project II
EGPT 5199** Selected Topics in Egyptology
ENGR 4990 Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation
ENTR 4102* Entrepreneurship and Innovation
FILM 4370 Advanced Seminar in Film Study and Research
HIST 4188 Selected Topics in World History
HIST 4288/ARIC 5136 Selected Topics in the History of the Modern Middle East
HIST 4290 Selected Topics in Modern Egyptian History
JRMC 4420* Media Management
JRMC 4425* Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns Capstone
MACT 4980* Senior Thesis
MENG 4980* Senior Project I
MENG 4981* Senior Project II
MKTG 4602* Marketing Strategy
PENG 4980* Senior Project I
PENG 4981* Senior Project II
PHIL 5115* Philosophical Figures
PHYS 4980* Senior Thesis and Seminar
POLS 4000 The Discipline and Critical Social Theory
POLS 4018 East-West Dialogue: Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Representations
POLS 4030 Special Topics in Political Science for Undergraduate
POLS 5130* Seminar: Selected Topics in Political Science for Both Undergrad. and Grad.
RHET 3140* Writing Children’s Literature (CBL)
RHET 4270* Research and Writing Internship
RHET 4260* Writing for Project Funding (CBL)
SEMR 3099 Core Honors Seminar (CBL)
SEMR 4018 East-West Dialogue: Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Reflections
SEMR 4028 The Arab Spring in Arab Eyes: Perceptions and Reflections from the Arab World
SEMR 4038 South-South Dialogue: Perceptions and Reflections from the Global South
THTR 4703* Senior Thesis
THTR 4705** Senior Honors Project