Vision and Impact

The Vision

The AUC Fund supports every pillar of our strategic plan. In fact, it supports the work of every member of the AUC community, every day, every year. To us, the AUC Fund is a practical tool that helps AUC address its most pressing ongoing needs: offering scholarships and financial aid to deserving students. The AUC Fund is also an important sign of AUC’s health: It shows the world that AUC has earned the loyalty and respect of its alumni and friends. We envision an AUC fund that grows steadily and surely, with more donors making more ambitious gifts every year. When our community stands together, we’re capable of doing great things. We invite you to stand with us.

The Impact

When you make a gift — or any amount — to the AUC Fund, you join thousands of AUCians who believe in the mission and values of this singular institution. You tell the world that AUC matters, that the work we do here is worthy of your investment. You give some of Egypt’s most promising students essential financial support.