Software Agreements

IT has been successful in negotiating and implementing several advantageous agreements with major software vendors. Some programs, which involve site licensing, allow installing the software free of charge on all PCs campus-wide.


  • The Microsoft campus agreement offers free software licenses for popular and widely used Microsoft programs to all faculty, staff, and students at AUC. The agreement has been specially formulated to address the needs of higher education institutions, ensuring that the latest version of the software is always available and that all computers on campus are compliant and licensed.

    Windows 10: To upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 Education, go to AUC Software Distribution Hub and download it for free. After completing your download, place the downloaded file on a media drive (DVD or Flash drive) to start the installation. Use the given product key to activate your installed copy.

    Important Notes:

    • Each student is allowed one product key, and it will be accessible digitally through AUC Software Distribution Hub for only 30 days. The product key itself does not expire, and you do not need to install Windows 10 Education before the end of those 30 days; you need to write down, print, or save your product key in a safe location for later use.
    • If you need help installing Windows 10 Education on your computer, get your activation product key from AUC Software Distribution Hub, then open an online ticket on IT Self-Service Portal to arrange for an appointment with a technical support representative.
    • For detailed steps on how to download your free Windows 10 Education copy and get the needed activation product key, click here.

    Office 365: Office 365 gets you the best productivity software available today, including full installations of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Teams, Sway, and more.

    1. To activate your Office 365 account, you need to visit AUC Software Distribution Hub.

    2.To activate an Office 365 subscription, follow the steps provided in this link.

    Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration workspace in Office 365 that makes it easy to have conversations, host meetings, share files and collaborate on documents, and get work done with various groups across the organization

    1. To be able to use Microsoft Teams, you need to activate your Office 365 account. The activation process might take up to 24 hours. For detailed steps on how to do that, click here.

    2. After activating your Office 365 account, sign in to Microsoft Teams, using your AUC mail credentials, and start using the software.

    3.For additional resources and detailed steps on how to download Microsoft Teams on your desktop, click here.

    Azure Dev Tools for Teaching: Provides tools to researchers, faculty, and students to help expand their understanding and learning curve on software development and testing by having free access to technologies like Visual Studio, MS Project, MS Visio, SDK platform, SQL Server, .NET, and Windows Server. 

    Visual Studio: Visual Studio, an integrated development environment from Microsoft, is used to develop computer programs, as well as websites, web applications, web services, and mobile apps. For eligibility and instructions on how to download Visual Studio, visit this link.

  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud Products: As a result of campus closure, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite will be available for students through remote access to AUC lab machines with the software installed. Check the availability of the software with your departmental lab administrator. To use any of the Adobe Creative Apps, follow the below instructions:

    1. Start a remote connection to any of your departmental lab machines
    2. On the lab machine, open your preferred Adobe Creative App
    3. You'll be guided to a screen that asks you to enter your email address
    4. It will then direct you to the AUC Software Distribution Hub page, where you will be prompted to enter your AUC credentials
    5. Once authentication is successful. You can start using the selected Adobe Creative App

    Value Incentive Plan (VIP) Agreement: AUC now offers to all faculty members and academic departments an excellent opportunity to obtain user license(s) for Adobe Creative Cloud complete pack in addition to Creative Cloud device licenses for lab use at discounted prices according to the Adobe CLP campus agreement.

    Autodesk Education License-Free Subscription

    Autodesk is committed to supporting education by providing eligible students and faculty members with access to an educational plan. Through this FREE plan, members will have free access to Autodesk desktop cloud, web, and mobile products and services available to the education community website, requiring just single once-a-year renewal eligibility.

    • Watch this video to learn how to create an Educational account and confirm eligibility.
    • You can read more about the education license and document requirements at Autodesk's FAQs.
  • Think-cell is presentation software that makes the task of creating professional PowerPoint presentations easy and efficient. It contains an Excel add-in for consistently rounding numbers across complex calculations and multiple worksheets. It seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint, helping you visualize complex charts, such as waterfalls, Marimekko, and Gantts, in your presentation within minutes. In addition, Think-cell can generate auto-updating agenda slides as simple as a table of contents in a good word processor.

    •  License: To access the downloadable version or to renew an existing license, submit a ticket. The think-cell license key provided through this agreement is valid for six months.
    •  Documentation and screen-casts: There is the searchable online documentation for detailed instructions to get started with think-cell. Their screen-casts show quick examples of how to build a waterfall, Marimekko, Gantt, scatter, column, area, and many more charts. Major consulting firms use think-cell daily. Refer to the online documentation, screen-casts, and knowledge base to get started with think-cell.
    • Usage Terms: think-cell may only be used for academic and non-profit purposes by the current AUC students, faculty, and staff. Those who are no longer AUC students, faculty, or staff, or those who intend to use the software for non-educational purposes, will need to pursue a separate license agreement.
  • The American University in Cairo now offers campus-wide access to MATLAB and Simulink plus 88 additional toolboxes. In addition, all faculty, staff, and students may download the software to their university-owned computers and their own personal computers.

    MATLAB is the easiest and most productive environment for engineers and scientists. And, integrating MATLAB into the curriculum builds computational literacy in support of students developing computational thinking skills. To ensure all faculty, staff, and students take full advantage of our new license, please inform everyone in your academic areas to get access by downloading and installing the software. To access the Matlab campus license, click on the Matlab Tab after logging in to AUC Software Distribution Hub.

  • Grammarly is an English editing service available online to affiliated faculty, staff, and students.

    Account Creation: 

    Post an IT service Request on the IT Service Portal and choose Software Licenses Category
    (P.S: AUC Alumni are not eligible for Grammarly Premium subscription for AUC)

    Additional Features: To make sure you get the most out of Grammarly, we have some additional helpful features for Microsoft Word, Internet browsers, emails, and the desktop! All components can be downloaded from here or at the links below:

    1. MS Office plug-in
    2. Desktop Apps
    3. Browser extensions

    4. Grammarly Keyboard for iOS 

  • AUC offers Kaspersky Antivirus for free for AUC faculty members, staff members, and enrolled academic students to protect their PCs and laptops against malicious viruses and security threats. Antivirus software must be installed on all AUC-owned PCs and laptops for network secure access.

    For installation requests, submit a ticket on the IT Self-Service portal.

  • Click here to Install Matlab.