Women in Ancient Egypt: Current Research and Historical Trends

The Egyptology Unit at The American University in Cairo is organizing an international conference on Women in Ancient Egypt from the Early Dynastic through the Coptic Period. 

Speakers will discuss topics relating to women and law, the portrayal of women in literature, and women’s cultic participation and access to power. Case studies highlighting individual women whose involvement in business or the public sphere in ancient Egypt and informing our understanding of the historical periods and cultural milieu in which these women lived will also be presented. Conference themes will emphasize patterns of continuity and change, issues in studying women, the nature of the evidence, and, more generally, the social and cultural history of Egyptian Women.

Preliminary program and abstracts may be found on the conference website.

For further inquiries, send an email to AncientEgyptianWomen@aucegypt.edu

The American University in Cairo, Tahrir Square Campus