Family Legacies

In recent decades, Arab societies have seen profound changes in patterns of family relationships, education, employment, social and political structures, and wealth creation. Individuals who have earned or inherited wealth seek the most beneficial and responsible ways of sharing their resources with their societies. They also want to pass along to their children and grandchildren the values that have guided them in earning, using, bequeathing, and donating their resources.

Family Legacies: Wealth and Philanthropy in the Arab World presents an overview of current approaches to family wealth and charitable giving in the Middle East. Barbara Ibrahim and Heba Abou Shnief interviewed more than twenty successful individuals from around the region, to learn about the principles that guide their philanthropy decisions, the reasons for their support of particular projects, and—perhaps most importantly—how they transmit to the younger generations not only financial resources, but the ideals and goals that guide them in the use of those resources to help others and improve society.

Inspired by the book Wealth in Families by Charles Collier, and guided by the particular outlook and traditions of Arab societies, Family Legacies is a guide to the use and transmission of wealth and an affirmation of the strong tradition of charitable giving in the Middle East.