Sports Trip To Greece

The Office of Athletics has accepted the invitation of two of prestigious educational institutions in Greece to participate in a friendly matches. These institutions included the Doukas School Athletic Club, The American College of Greece and the Panel and Dree clubs. The event took place from January 16 to 22, 2016.

AUC participated in the event with a delegation of 39 students who represented the University in tennis (women and men), women's basketball, men's water polo, women's 5-A-side soccer and men's handball.

The Office of Athletics would like to thank participated teams for their commitment, great performance and admirable sportsmanship. Kindly check the following board of honors for AUC winnings.

Sport Competitors Winners
Basketball (women) AUC vs. Doukas  AUC won the played two matches

Handball (men )

AUC vs. Panel Club AUC won the played two matches
Tennis (men) AUC vs. Doukas Youssef Galal won the match
Tennis (women) AUC vs. Doukas Farah El-Gharbaly won the match

Water polo 

AUC vs. Dree Club AUC won 6 games out of 7
5-A-side soccer (women) AUC vs. Goudi 

AUC won the match