AUC Awards

Building on our belief that, in any organization, the human resources are the most important resources an organization depends on to achieve success and from this scope, HR vision is to lead the organization through investing in its human capital; and our mission is to develop and implement innovative human resources programs and services designed to support the mission of AUC. Therefore, this year’s Total rewards plan which is based on performance, recognition of excellence and internal equity; consistent with the directive from the senior leadership, responding to staff surveys.

To acknowledge and reward performance and excellence by employees; Office of Human Resources runs a number of recognition programs throughout the year including Service Recognition Awards, 100 years of Excellence Awards, and The annual Pilgrimage award. In addition to this, AUC staff were paid Staff performance-based bonus based on their performance evaluation of FY19.

 To learn more about these programs, please review the information below:

Service Recognition Award: It is an event in which AUC celebrates and at the same time honors its long-serving and dedicated employees who happen to be the pioneers of our 100 years old organization and the region’s premier English-speaking university.

100 years of Excellence Awards:  It is a recognition initiative, with two kinds of awards; SPOT Award and High Achievement Award; presented each quarter to 100 staff members who demonstrated outstanding service/performance or who have made a significant contribution to the University beyond the normal expectations of their positions.

The Annual Pilgrimage Award: it is an annual award that HR announces, to the AUC Community two winners of a cash amount as a contribution from the university to one Pilgrimage and one Jerusalem Visits. Members are chosen according to the terms and conditions applied.

Staff Performance-Based Bonus: it is a performance-based bonus payment in July payroll, linked to employee’s performance appraisal rating for the ended fiscal year. Performance evaluation which enables staff members and managers to look back at the total year’s performance, to review and evaluate accomplishments, in addition, to determine areas of development and set clear goals for the future leading to the ongoing professional development of the AUC community as a whole.