Services for Faculty and Staff


Medicine is available through the medical services office and is supplied by the Seif Group pharmacy, in accordance with AUC’s drug policy. Medicine is dispensed through a signed and stamped prescription from an AUC physician. This service is offered to faculty, staff A, staff B and their dependents, if dependents are not already covered by an insurance plan.

In cases where medication must be purchased after working hours or during an emergency from a pharmacy other than the on-campus branch of Seif Group, the employee can be reimbursed for the purchase at 80 percent of the cost. This can be done by submitting the prescription and the receipt at the medical services office.

Generic may also be dispensed, provided that they have undergone the same studies and are from a reputable pharmaceutical company licensed in Egypt. 

Chronic patients who receive monthly medications must provide a renewed prescription every three months

Patients are kindly requested to pick up their medications from the pharmacy themselves. In case a messenger will pick up the medications for any patient, he or she should show the patient’s AUC ID card to the pharmacy.


AUC has an agreement with a number of hospitals, including Al-Qasr Al Aini, Aim Shams Specialized hospital and Air Force hospital, to address emergency cases and outpatient services. Hospitals that fall under the agreement include Agouza, Coptic and Mabarrah hospitals. The University’s medical plan will accommodate excellent, second-class category hospital rooms, at the rates of Al-Moassassa El-Elageya. Patients who choose a room of a higher category than that covered by the medical plan or a hospital that is not included in the medical network will be responsible for paying the difference in cost.

Diagnostic Services

Laboratory and radiographic services are available by referral from an AUC physician through a number of specialized centers with which AUC has special agreements. Laboratory tests and X-rays that are prescribed or approved by the University physician will be paid for in full by the University through referrals to the appropriate diagnostic centers who have an agreement with AUC. Laboratory or radiographic tests approved by AUC physicians, but done at labs or diagnostic centers outside the clinic's network, will be reimbursed at AUC's set rates.

Medical Specialists
A comprehensive list of all medical consultants within various specializations who have an agreement with AUC is available at the Office of Medical Services, where referrals can be made. Services performed by medical consultants who do not have an agreement with the office but are recommended by an AUC physician will be reimbursed according to the area of specialization, condition of the patient and diagnosis. The reimbursement will also depend on AUC’s set rates.

Dental Care

These services are available for staff A and staff B members who are covered by AUC’s Office of Medical Services insurance only. Dental coverage provided by the University amounts to up to LE 30 per patient per year.

For Medicare subscribers each employee will be covered according to his medical plan (check with HR office)


Services provided by AUC’s medical services office depend on the insurance provider (for faculty and staff members):

1. Cigna insurance provides its subscribers with a network of hospitals that have a direct billing agreement with Cigna. In addition, Cigna subscribers and their dependents may receive medical services through the medical services office including referrals to medical consultants, laboratory centers and radiography centers that have agreements with AUC, in addition to dispensing their prescribed medications.

2. Medicare insurance provides its subscribers with a network of medical consultants, hospitals, laboratories, radiography centers and hospitals. AUC staff members who are insured by Medicare are entitled to dispensing their prescribed medications through AUC's medical services office only.

3. Medicare subscribers who deal with external medical centers other than those included in the Medicare network will be reimbursed through the Medicare company according to its set rates. Please check the Medicare rates, available at the human resources office.

Non-Insured Employees

AUC community members who are not insured by Cigna or Medicare may refer to the medical services network with which AUC has a formal agreement. These services include medical consultancy, laboratory centers, radiography centers and hospitals. In addition, they are entitled to dispensing their prescribed medications through AUC’s medical services office. Services are not extended to dependents except for staff B families Generic medication could be depended as well, as long as they have same study and are from a reputable pharmaceutical companies licsenced at Egypt.

The non-insured full time staff/faculty members are eligible to receive the clinic services up to the limit of the first level of external medical insurance.

All AUC community can receive their medications through the pharmacy on campus only. In case medications must be purchased when off-campus other than the on-campus branch of Seif group, then the patient may be reimbursed for the purchase with attached forma bill and prescription. Cigna subscribers can do the same from Cigna through the HR office.

Medications Not Covered by Insurance:

  • Weight loss and weight gain medications
  • Treatment of infertility medications
  • Hormonal therapy and contraceptive pills
  • Supplements, multi vitamins and mineral products
  • Medications for sexual dysfunction
  • Antenatal care vitamins
  • Preparations for cosmetic purposes, hair growth and sunblock anti-dandruff solutions and shampoos (i.e. Lice)
  • Non registered medications
  • Devices and medical supplies (i.e. knee support, various veins stockings & surgical dressings)
  • Ingredient/adjuvant (i.e. sterile water and syringes for injection)
  • Medications for acne
  • Hypertonic nasal sprays (i.e. physiomer and sinomarin) 

Medical Coverage for Dependents of Staff B

Medical services will be provided by the University’s physician at the medical services office, free of charge, for the dependents of support staff filling skilled/semi-skilled and service jobs. Dependents must be single (for females only), under the age of 21, unemployed and not covered by any other medical insurance plan. These services include:

1. Consultation
2. Medication
3. Referrals for laboratory tests, X-rays and visits to medical consultants
4. In case of hospital admission upper second-class hospital rooms, as prescribed by the university physician.

Dependents of support staff B are eligible to receive clinic services limited to the first level of external medical insurances.

Dental care for staff B and their dependents follows the same policy of dental care.

Areas Not Covered by the Medical Plan
The following medical services are not covered by the University’s
medical plan:

  •  Prenatal, delivery or post-natal care
  •  Plastic surgery
  •  Circumcision
  •  Dental fittings and cosmetic dental treatment
  •  Hearing aids (special consideration)*
  •  Artificial limbs (special consideration)*
  •  General check-up
  • Lasic
  • Contact lenses 
  • Psychiatrist sessions 

* These services may only be offered if the University physician indicates that the employee is incapable of undertaking his/her original job duties or any other job duties due to his/her condition.

The University reserves the right to amend this list in the face of changing technologies and medical practice.

Sick Leave Regulations

Employees who are unable to perform their duties due to illness or injury, or whose attendance at work is prevented by public health requirements, may be granted sick leave in accordance with some provisions:

For each full calendar year of service, employees may use sick leave as follows:
1. 30 days at full pay
2. 60 additional days at 75 percent pay per year
3. 90 additional days at 85 percent pay per year
* For further information, check the staff manual.

Medicare subscribers are asked to get their external stamped sick leave notes through Medicare providers otherwise the office of medical services may not be able to approve tem.

Home Visits
No home visits will be made for minor illnesses of less than five days. Where the sick leave extends to five days or more, home visits may be made at the discretion of the AUC physician.

Maternity Leave
AUC follows the regulations stipulated by Egyptian law.