Assistant professor
Department of Construction


Brief Biography

Morton is a professional licensed engineer (US, Florida) with three years of structural engineering design experience from the design of marine structures in the Gulf of Mexico to the design of shear walls in a six-story concrete building governed by seismic loads in Seattle, WA. Her research area combines material science and structural engineering to help innovate sustainable coastal infrastructure systems and its restoration. Regarding engineering education, Morton earned the Outstanding Teaching Faculty Member Award (2016-2017) at Washington State University in the Civil Engineering Department and was nominated for the Women of Distinction Award (University-wide) for her service, specifically for bringing a middle school engineering competition to Washington State University. She is interested in the school to work transition and implements active learning strategies as well as practical skill development in her classroom.  

      • Dec. 2018:  University of South Florida, Tampa PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering Dissertation: Stainless Steel for Use as Prestressing Strand in Concrete Piling 
      • May 2012: University of South Florida, Tampa Graduate Certificate of College Teaching 
      • August 2009: University of South Florida, Tampa MSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering 
      • May 2002: University of South Florida, Tampa BSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering
      • Six Story Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Design in High Seismic Zone (Seattle, WA)
      • Moment Splice Connection Design for Steel Framed Schools (Seattle, WA, Seismic Design AISC/LRFD)   
      • Developed In-house processes for Vibration Control Calculations for Concrete Floors (Seattle, WA, ACI/ASCE)
      • Shipping Container Berth Design (Brazil) 
      • Five Miles of Steel Sheet Pile Design (Tampa Bay, FL)
      • Offshore Steel Hopper & Catwalk (Jamaica) 
      • Riverwalk - Pedestrian Bridges and Seawall Restoration for New Mooring Loads (Tampa Bay, FL) 
      • Prestressed Hollow Core Slab Bridges (Bahamas) 
    Research Interest
    • High Strength Stainless Steels (HSSS):  Modulus of Elasticity Tests - focus on Justifications for Prestressed Stainless Steel Pile Design  
    • High Strength Stainless Steel (HSSS): Relaxation Tests & On-site Method for Mechanical Stress Relaxation  
    • Constructability of High Strength Stainless Steels (HSSS) Prestress Piles: Full Scale (75 ft piles) Transfer Length Tests on three HSSS Alloys for Prestressed Stainless Steel Piles - focus on Constructability Issues 
    • Concrete Rehabilitation: 100+ yr old Sea Walls (Tampa, FL) and Bridge Substructure Rehabilitation (Florida Statewide)
    • Engineering Education: Genre Analysis of Civil Engineering Students' Writing (Summarization Skills)
    • Engineering Education: Increasing Self-Efficacy through Engineering Role Models