Resident Director and Resident Adviser Program

What's an RA and an RD?

The RA builds a sense of community, enforces rules, responds to emergencies and acts as a liaison between the residents and the Office of Residential Life. An RA works closely with students, playing a part in event coordination, the planning and implementation  of social, cultural and educational gatherings. An RA is also a tutor, and most importantly, a caregiver.

In addition to resident assistants, there are resident directors (RDs) who live and work in the residence. Resident directors are involved in the selection, training and supervision of the residential life staff. In addition, their duties include policy development as well as implementation and promoting programming efforts.

Where can I find by RA and RD?

  • One resident adviser (RA) is also assigned to each floor. 
  • In addition, there is on resident director (RD) for men and women living in the residence. 
  • In addition, there is one live-in resident director (RD) for men and one for women.


Emergency Protocol 

Student resident emergency protocol provides that a residential life staff member must be fluent in English and Arabic and accompany students to area hospitals. AUC physicians liaison with hospital caregivers to monitor treatment. Family members and host institutions seeking assistance and/or information about medical cases should contact the residential life staff directly. See the Contact Us pages on our website