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School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Egyptology

The Problematic of Generating Anthropological Knowledge: A Case Study of a Health and Gender Development Project in Rural Egypt
By: Tonje Holm
Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Nelson

Conversations with Women in Ma’sarah, Cairo
By: Jeannete Rizk
Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Nelson

The Egyptian Personal Status Law and Domestic Violence: An Analysis of the Perceptions of Experts and Victims
By: Abeer Abdel raoud Mohamed
Advisor: Dr. Helen Rizzo

No one told me about this” Legal and cultural negotiations around family violence among resettled Sudanese refugees and their host community.
By: Cyrena C. Khoury
Advisor: Dr. Soraya Altorki

Identity and urbanism: an exploratory research on Khartoum city as capital for peace and cultural rights.
By: Abdel Moneim Elgak
Advisor: Dr. Helen Rizzo

Marketing research in Egypt….truth or myth
By: Samar Ibrahim
Advisor: Dr. Helen Rizzo

Consuming Islamic Fashion in Cairo Market
By: Sahar Aref
Advisor: Dr. Nazek Nosseir

A Plea for Total Care: An Examination of the Doctor-Patient: Relationship in the Context of Breast Cancer Care In Egypt
By: Mai Kabbani
Advisor: Dr. Hania Sholkamy

A Comparison Between the West & the East in State Supervised Control: Through the Power of Eminent Domain
By: Eman M.G.A. Eshmawy
Advisor: Dr. Chad Haines

Portraying Domestic Violence in Egyptian Films (1950-2000)
By: Maie Shawky
Advisor: Dr. Helen Rizzo

Department of Political Science

The Role of Monitoring and Evaluation in Export Promotion Agencies
By: Hala Ahmed Wagih Helmy
Advisor: Dr. Pandeli Glavanis

State Capacity Under Reform: A Case Study of the Administrative Policy, and Private Consultative Capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry in Egypt
By: Mona Hosn Ghander
Advisor: Dr. Ibrahim Elnur

Modern Monarchs: An Analysis of the Technocrat King and the Political Liberalization of the Middle East Monarchy
By: Kevin D. Nolan
Advisor: Dr. Ivan Ivekovic

Political Economyof Foreign Policy Change: Understanding the Change in the Mozambican Foreign Policy During the 80s
By: Serigo Mateus Gomes
Advisor: Dr. Bahgat Korany

Inching Towards Democracy the Beliefs and Strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Search for Political inclusion
By: Ana Damasio
Advisor: Dr. Emad Shahin

The Significance of the ‘Self’: A Study on the ‘Self’ in Development Discourse
By: Lulie El-Ashry
Advisor: Dr. Vikash Yadav

Information Technology in Class
By: Nihal Adel Nasr
Advisor: Dr. Pandeli Glavanis

NGOS ad Refugees’ Rights in Cairo:: An Investigative Research on the Role of Egyptian NGOS in Assisting Refugees to Access their Rights
by: Hussam Eldin ElNaim Hussein Abd Elrahman
Advisor: D r. Fteh Azzam

The Failure of the SLO Peace Process: Causes and Impacts
By: Nidal Mahmoud Al-Natour
Advisor: Dr. Sharif Elmusa

The benefit, limitations, and risks associated with participatory processes used in the planning phase of large dams: A case study of the Bujagali falls hydropower project in Uganda (January 1999-April 2005)
By: Nievene Albert
Advisor: Vikash Yadav

An examination of the Gacaca tribunals in Rwanda as a practical means of delivering mass justice
By: Myra Oscar Sabongi
Advisor: Dr. Fatteh Azzam

Towards the convergence of the development and human rights discourses: Case study of the world bank poverty reduction project in Matrouh
By: Marwa Yehia Abdel Medguid
Advisor: Dr. Ibrahim El Nur

Participatory development and the reintegration of street children into society’s mainstream: a case study of hope village society project.
By: Reham Ahmed Massoud
Advisor: Dr. Mariz Tadros

The politics of the conflict in Darfur
By: Sherifa Shafie
Advisor: Dr. Ivan Ivekovic

Assessment of schools supervision system in Egypt
By: Areeg Refaat Hegazi
Advisor: Dr. Ibrahim El Nur

E-governance in Egypt: a new methodology to poverty reduction?
By: Shahdan Mahmoud Niazi
Advisor: Dr. Pandeli Glavanis

Role of Igad in peace process in Sudan
By: Mustafa Abdelmonim Ali El Tayeb
Advisor: Dr. Monica Thakur

The Influence of National Aid Coordination on the Impact of Aid Programs
By: Lene Skrumsager Moeller
Advisor: Dr. Vikash Yadav

An Assessment of the Bargaining Relationship Between Foreign Investors and the Egyptian Government
By: John Ragheb
Advisor: Dr. Walid Kazziha

FGM Abondonment in Egypt: Case Study of Changing Behavioural Patterns and Attitudes Towards FGM in the Village of Benban, Aswan
By: Laila Mahmoud El Moshneb
Advisor: Dr. Mariz Tadros

Foreign Funding to Human Rights Organizations in Egypt in the Aftermath of the September 11th Attacks
By: Kenzy Hassan Abdallah
Advisor: Dr. Mariz Tadros

U.S. National Security Strategy Versus Behaviour: What Really Matters?
By: Michael J. Birmingham
Advisor: Dr. Bahgat Korany

Private Military Companies: Pillars of a New World Order? A Study of the Effect of Neo Liberal Policies on International Relations
By: Sherine Mahmoud Negm
Advisor:” Dr. Walid Kazzi

Military Development: Twenty-Five Years of U.S. Military Aid to Egypt, 1980-2005
By: Matthew Robert Fomby
Advisor: Dr. Vikash Yadav

The Shifting Nature of Terrorism
By: Kimberly A. Alldredge
Advisor: Dr. Bahgat Korany

The Rights-Based Approach to Development: From Theory to Policy Formulation?
By: Rania Elessawi
Advisor: Dr. Musapha Al-Sayyid

Housing Egypt’s Urban Poor: A Case Study of Future Housing Project
By: Nadine Sherif Fanous
Advisor: Dr. Mariz Tadros

Japan: A Future Nuclear Power? A Tentative Conculsion
By: Aliaa Abdalla Khalil
Advisor: Dr. Sherine El Ghatit

Grassroots Empowerment: The Case of an Egyptian NGO
By: Youmna Ali Khalil
Advisor: Dr. Ibrahim El Nur

Department of Law

Legal interpretations of the right to divorce and polygamy and the Egyptian feminist movement
By: Mozn A. Hassan
Advisor: Dr. Naz Modirnzadeh

The marginalization of women in the political participation process in Egypt
By: Nouran Ezz El Din El Shabrawy
Advisor: Dr. Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron

Human rights and power: where will be next?
By: Ahmed Ahmed Fouad Helal
Advisor: Dr. Hani Sayed

The Rights-Based Approach to Development in Un Programming Cases of the World Bank and the UNDP Millennium Development Goals
By: Asmaa Ramadan Shiba Mohamed
Advisor: Dr. Enid Hill

Adversarial Or Inquisitorial: Which Approach is Closer to Arbitration?
By: Ahmed Galal Zaki
Advisor: Dr. Amr Shalakany

Which Development Tool is More Adequate for Egypt’s Quest for Corporate Reform, The Delaware Law of the Good Governance Model of the World Bank? (A Limited Comparison and Analysis)
By: Taki El Din Osman
Advisor: Dr. Hani Sayed

Advocacy to Laful Rebellion; Enforcing IHRL in Egyptian Domestic Courts
By: Ashraf El-Sayed Abdel-Megied
Advisor: Dr. Naz Modirzadeh

Vicious Circle: Coptic Divorce Between Positive Law and Canon Law
By: Jacqueline Samir Saad
Advisor: Dr. Amr Shalakany

Islam is the Solution: Islamic Development from Theory to Practice
By: Mohamed El-Far
Advisor: Dr. Hany El-Sayed

Constitutionalism, Gender Equality and Judicial Reform; A Study of the Status of Women in the Egyptian Judiciary
By: Mahmoud Moustafa
Advisor: Dr. Amr SHalakany

Is the Egyptian Competition Law a Blessing or a Curse for the Egyptian Economy? Comparative Study of the United States, the European Union and he Egyptian Competition Laws
By: Amany El-Zayaty
Advisor: Dr. Amr Shalakany

The Role of Corporate Governance in Egypt’s Transition from Planned to Market Economy
By: Abdel Aziz M. Aidaros
Advisor: Dr. Hayi El-Sayed

Spoofing! Criminal Law, Cyberspace and Egypt
By: Rim Al Kassaby
Advisor: Dr. Hany El-Sayed

The Problem of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Need for Solutions for the Future
By: Dalia Aly Sarhan
Advisor: Dr. Hany EL-Sayed

Women’s Right in Islam: Two Reformist Approaches: Abdullahi An-Na’m and Khaled Abou EL Fadl
By: Mohamed Sayed Sultan
Advisor: Dr. Naz Modirzadeh

‘Provincializing’ Transitional Justice: Reading the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda Against the Grain
By: Jatin Dua
Advisor: Dr. Naz Modirzadeh

The Right to Appeal of a Person Sentenced for a Criminal Offence – The Current Egyptian Ordinary Legal System and its Degree of Compliance with Internationally Recognized Slanders
By: Mohamed El Ghannam
Advisor: Dr. Enid Hill

Catch 22 Exclusionary Inclusion: The Palestinian Refugee’s Struggle for Protection
By: Suzanne Taher Shams
Advisor: Dr. Fateh Azzam

The Dark Side of Multilateralism: An Assessment of the Position of the Developing World in the International Trading System
By: Marwa H. El-Saghir
Advisor: Dr. Hani Sayed

Psychiatric Patients’ Human Rights: With A Case Study of Abbasiya Hospital-Cairo, Egypt
By: Nada Ibrahim Hamdan
Advisor: Dr. Tanya Monforte

Safe and Potable Water as a Human Right: Monitoring Implementation- The Case of Cameroon
By: Tabe Kevin Mbeh
Advisor: Dr. Tanya Monforte

The Balance: Human Right and International Security in the New World Order
By: Frank Knaack
Advisor: Dr. Naz Modirzadeh

Rights and the Islamic State: The Thought of a Ayatollah Khomeini and Sayyid Qutb
By: Sarah Adel Elibiary
Advisor: Dr. Naz Modirzadeh

Detention in a Time of Terror: The Inevitability of Protection
By: Fatma Hussein Saer
Advisor: Dr. Hany Sayed

“However Long the Journey, Our Destination is Set: Liberty and Justice for All”: Dealing with the Issue of Slavery and Involuntary Servitude in the United States
By: Felicia Janelle Lindsey
Advisor: Dr. Tanya Monforte

The Harmonization of Regulations as a Step Towards Achieving an Economic Integration
By: Ahmed Mohamed Hesham Elaiat
Advisor: Dr. Hani Sayed

Department of English and Comparative Literature

Sylvia Plath and the Crisis of the Self a Feminist Reading of the late Poetry
By: Rania Salah Mohamed
Advisor: Dr. William Melaney

Nature and Mystical Identity: Three Journeys to the Absolute
By: Mayada Mahmoud Al Shereef
Advisor: Dr. William Melaney

A Comparative Study of Literary Authorship, Copyright Laws and Intellectual Property
By: Hanya Borham Atallah
Advisor: Dr. Ferial Ghazoul

A comparative study of literary authorship, copyright laws and intellectual property
By: Hanya Borham Arallah
Advisor: Dr. Ferial Ghazoul

Sylvia Plath and the crisis of the self a feminist reading of the late poetry
By: Rania Salah Mohamed
Advisor: Dr. William Melaney

Nature and mystical identity: three journeys to the absolute
By: Mayada Mahmoud Al Shereef
Advisor: Dr. William Melaney

Echoes from the Abyss of Silence: The Complexity of Female Self-Expression in Literature and Film
By: Yasmine Tahseen Sheer
Advisor: Dr. Ferial Ghazoul

Autobiography as an Intersection of History and Identity: Saint Augustine, Derrida and Djebar
By: Victoria Inyang Ekpo
Advisor: Dr. Ferial Ghazoul

Flesh Made Word: Flannery O’Connor and The Creation of Mystery
By: Laila Galal Rifaat
Advisor: Dr. Gian Balsamo

Cultural Hegemony, Identity and the Challenge of Literature: A Study of RHYS, Morrison and Adnan
By: Rabab Nabil Wereda
Advisor: Dr. William Melaney

An Evolution of Consciousness: The Idealization of the Self Goeth’s Elective Affinities, Chopin’s The Awakening and Cunningham’s The Hours
By: Dana Dinnawi
Advisor: Dr. William Melaney

Parables of Impermanence: Disintegrating the Real in John Fowles’s the Magus and Thomas Pynchon’s V
By: Ahmed Emad EL Din Hamza Mohammed
Advisor: Dr. William Melaney

A Vision of Metaphor: Between Mind and World Ricoeur, Stevens, and La Metaphore Vive
By: Jacinthe A. Assaad
Advisor: Dr. William Melaney

Subaltern Voices: Silenced by Race, Gender, and Caste
By: Tamer Abdel Wahab Aly
Advisor: Dr. Ferial Ghazoul

Arabic Studies

The ceremonial – urban dynamic of Cairo from the Fatimid to the early Mamluk period
By: Heba H. Mostafa
Advisor: Dr. Bernard O’Kane

In the mind of the beholder: approaches to Islamic art and architecture
By: Sara Sharaf
Advisor: Dr. Bernard O’Kane

The Mosques of Britain How Do British Muslims Express their Identity?
By: Mamdouh Mohamed Sakr
Advisor: Dr. Bernard O’Kane

Cataloging Authority: The Development and Function of the Fihrist Genre
By: Garrett Davidson
Advisor: Dr. Moahmmad Serag

Dip Your Bread in the Gravy: A Culinary History of Class Difference in Mamluk and Ottoman Egypt
By: Siko Deine Bouterse
Advisor: Dr. Huda Lutfi

The Introduction of Muqarnas Into the Maghrib and its Ideological Dimensions
By: Shereen Saleh EL-Hadidy
Advisor: Dr. Bernard O’Kane

The Intoxication of the Spirit: Ahmed Ibn Ajibah’s Commentary on Umar Ibn Al-Farid’s Wine Song
By: Nuri Friedlander
Advisor: Dr. Robert McKinney

Pre-Islamic Influences on Fatimid and Seljuk Jewellery
By: Badria Yasmeen Dowe
Advisor: Dr. Bernard O’Kane

Middle East Studies

Islamic Revival and National Identity in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan
By: Alima Bissenova
Advisor: Dr. Martina Rieker

Egypt: A State of Emergency, A State of Mind
By: Diana Elassy
Advisor: Dr. Charles Davidson

Dam Development and Human Security: The Iraqi Water Situation
By: Amy L. Rue
Advisor: Dr. Martina Rieker

Arabic Language Institute – TAFL

Refusals in Arabic: Egyptian Native Speakers vs. American Learners of Arabic as a Foreign Language
By: Rasha Badr
Advisor: Dr. El Said Badawi

Emphatic Sounds in Educated Cairene Arabic: What to Teach to AFL Students?
By: Jean N. Druel
Advisor: Dr. Zeinab Ibrahim

English Language Institute – TEFL

Gender difference in motivation for learning English as a foreign language among university students
By: Noha Mohamed Ghaly
Advisor: Dr. Robert S. Williams

The Beliefs of Arab University Learners about their Readiness for Autonomy in a Web-Based Setting: A Case Study
By: Aliaa Salah Youssef
Advisor: Dr. Russanne Hozayin

Request Formation by Greek – Cypriot Learners of English and Native Speakers of British English: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
By: Sorayia Fahmy
Advisor: Dr. Paul Stevens

Exploring the Relationship Between Phonological Awareness and Reading in Egyptian Children with Down Syndrome
By: Maha Salah EL Dien Hamed
Advisor: Dr. Russanne Hozayin

School of Business, Economics and Communication

Department of Economics

Measuring the Degree of Central Bank Independence in Egypt the Period (1960-2004)
By: Noha Aboubakr Farrag
Advisor: Dr. Ahmed Kamaly

An Exploration of Structural, Cultural and Institutional Factors Behind the Japanese Recession, 1990-2000
By: Yasmin Ahmed Mowafy
Advisor: Dr. John W. Salevurakis

R & D sector as a vehicle for development” an application of an R & D- based model on South Korea
By: Rabab Hassan Ismail
Advisor: Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Fadil

Banking stability and optimal deposit insurance design
By: Yasmine Hamdi Mokhtar
Advisor: Rodrigo Seda

Economics of technology innovation with application to the Egyptian food processing industry
By: Safwan M. Noaman
Advisor: Dr. Tarek Selim

Financial Services Liberalization with Emphasis on the Egyptian Banking Sector
By: Noha Hatem Abdel Razek
Advisor: Dr. William Mikhail

Economics of Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan and South Korea
By: Tamer Mohamed Safwat El-Zayat
Advisor: Dr. Shireen Al Azzawi

Foreign Direct Investment and Intellectual Property Rights Protection: TRPS Economics for Developing Economies and Their Pharmaceutical Sectors
By: Hanan Hamed Sileem
Advisor: Dr. Rodrigo Seda

The Tying of Aid to Developing Countries with a Special Reference to Egypt
By: Maha Taha El Arif
Advisor: Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Fadil

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Media convergence and virtual communities: current and future implications for civic inclusion
By: Lamees Magedy El Baghdady
Advisor: Dr. Hussein Amin

Media Coverage: Effects on the Egyptian Mobile Phone Users
By: Eiman Abdel Maksoud Eissa
Advisor: Dr. Hussein Amin

Cyber Feminism in the Arab World
By: Dalia Al Nimr
Advisor: Dr. Naila Hamdi

Visual Framing in TV News (A Comparative Case Study Between CNN and Al-Jazerra)
By: Noha Radwan
Advisor: Dr. Shams Friedlander

Impact of Islamic TV on Social Development in Egypt (A Case Study of “Sunn’a Al Haya” – Life Makers)
By: Mohamed Ahmed Selim Khalil
Advisor: Dr. Hussein Amin

Towards Understanding Gender Similarities and Differences in Their Uses and Gratifications of Online Social Interactions
By: Dalia Sherif El Nazer
Advisor: Dr. Naila Hamdy

Towards Developing An Arab Public Diplomacy Strategy: Prospects and Concerns
By: Aliaa Abdel Aziz Dawoud
Advisor: Dr. Hussein Amin

Egyptian’s Perceptions Attitude and Behaviour Towards Online Advertising: The Role of Culture
By: Effat Tarek Khalifa
Advisor: Dr. Rasha Abdulla

School of Sciences and Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Lock-based cache coherence protocol for chip multiprocessors
By: Ihab Hossam Ismail
Advisor: Dr. Khaled El-Ayat

Motion detection using randomized methods
By: Howaida Mohamed Naguib
Advisor: Dr. Amr Goneid

An ontological approach for building a pattern language and a pattern language management tool
By: Reaham Osama Badr
Advisor: Dr. Hoda Hosny

A Three Core Type Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessor Towards an Optimized CMP Architecture
By: Ali Yehia Ali
Advisor: Dr. Khaled El-Ayat

WEB Services – Based Autonomic Computing Framework (WSAC)
By: Sherif Atef Guirguis
Advisor: Sherif El-Kassas

Department of Engineering

Mechanical and structural properties of filament winding FRP structural members
By: Mohamed Soliman Aguib
Advisor: Dr. Safwan Khedr, Dr. Medhat Haroun

Properties of Ultra-High performance concrete
By: Akram Sayed Mohamed Saleh
Advisor: Dr. Mohamed Nagib Abou-Zeid

Resilient and residual properties of asphalt concrete: superpave and conventional mix deisgn
By: Tamer Mohamed Breakah
Advisor: Dr. Safwan Khedr

A study of parameters affecting displacement ventilation
By: Alia Sameh Abdel Rahman
Advisor: Dr. Amr Serag El Din

Transport of E. Coli in Egyptian soils as a result of reclaimed wastewater reuse for irrigation
By: Aimen Ali Bakri Badawy Gadallah
Advisor: Dr. Edward Smith

Industrial Production of Activated Carbon from Cotton Stalks
By: Mamdouh Magued Louis
Advisor: Dr. Edward Smith

Dispute Review Boards: Expected Application on Egyptian Large Scale Construction Projects
By: Islam Hassan El Adawy
Advisor: Dr. Samer Ezeldin

Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste Rejects in Producing Wave Dispersion and Shoreline Erosion Protection Structures (Breakwaters)
By: Yasser Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed
Advisor: Dr. Salah El Hagar

User Friendly Computer Software for Construction Prjects Delay Analysis
By: Kamel Ahmed Salem El-Sayed
Advisor: Dr. Samer Ezeldin

Development of Ferrocement U-Shaped Beams Infilled with Core Materials
By: Ahmed Mahdy Abdelnaby
Advisors: Dr. Ezzat Fahmy & Dr. Mohamed N. Abou Zeid

Recycling Aseptic Waste Packages
By: Eiman Monir Hamdy
Advisor: Dr. Salah EL Haggar

“Quantification of Contractors” Quality Costs in Construction Projects
By: Nihal Fathi Sabbagh
Advisor: Dr. Safwan Khedr

Value Engineering in Academic Buildings in Egypt: Awareness and Implementation
By: Ahmed El-Adawy Nassef
Advisor: Dr. Samir Ezeldin

A Finite Element Material Model Applied to Al-Alloy Consolidates Processed via Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
By: Khalil Ibrahim EL Khodary
Advisor: Dr. Hanadi Salem

Effective Modelling of Mass Concrete Foundation Under Dynamic Loads
By: Ossama Salem Ali Ahmed
Advisor: Dr. Medhat Haroun

Numerical Modeling of Infill RC Walls in Seismic Retrofit of RC Frames
By: Mohamed M. Salah El-Din Darwish
Advisor: Dr. Medhat Haroun

Using Neural Networks for the Diagnosis and Repair of Corroded Steel in Reinforced Concrete Structures
By: Youssef Ibrahim Fayez
Advisor: Dr. Mohamed A. Abou Zeid and Dr. Ezzat Fahmy

Allowable Settlement of Above-Ground Oil Storage Tanks Under Operation Loads
By: Hatem Farid El-Sherif
Advisor: Dr. Medhat Haroun

Department of Physics

Surface and acidic properties of mixed zirconium and titanium oxides
By: Sofi-Rosamelia Bahgat Mahmoud Bahga
Advisor: Dr. Jehan Ragai, Dr. Adham Ramdan

An experimental study of singlemode fiber-optic sensors
By: Joumana Mohamed Tysir El-Rifai
Advisor: Dr. Amr M. Shaarawi