Office of the President


The Office of the President facilitates the President's daily contact and communication within AUC and beyond.

Working with the President

If you would like to request the president's participation in an event or the president's signature on letters and documents, check the following:

  • To request the participation of the President in an AUC eventplease submit Presidential Participation Request here at least 20 working days prior to the date of the event.
  • To brief the President of his role/participation in a function he will be attending, fill out a briefing memo, click here.
  • To request the signature of the President on letters and other documents, fill out an action memo, click here.
  • To inform the President of your project, initiative, or business accomplishments, fill out the information memo, click here.

For all other requests, email The Office of the President.

Meet the Team

Executive Director of the Office of the President
t: +2.02.2615.1514 

Director of Presidential Events and Protocol
t: +2.02.2615.1511/3860 

Executive Assistant to the President
t: +2.02.2615.1501 

Administration and Operations Manager
t: +2.02.2615.1515 

Senior Writer and Editor
t: 20.2.2615.1510

Senior Specialist, Presidential Events
t: 20.2.2615.1505

Front Desk Coordinator
t: 20.2.2615.1503