Contact Us

For any inquiries, please send an email or stop by the office, located in the AUC Sports Center, room 1006. 


Bob Reasso


Tel 20.2.2615.4059


Amira Farag 

Recreational and Fitness Manager 

Tel 20.2.2615.4064


Mohamed Ahmed Arafa 

Facilities and Events  Manager

Tel 20.2.2615.4060


Mariam Foum

Athletics Specialist

Tel 20.2.2615.4065


Ingy Aziz

Senior Administrative Assistant

Tel 20.2.2615.4054


Ahmed A.Salam 

Senior Sports Supervisor

Tel 20.2.2615.4062


Hossam Boraie 

Senior Sports Supervisor

Tel 20.2.2615.4061


Mohamed Abdel Halim

Falaki Gym Supervisor

Tel 20.2.2797.5637


Office of Athletics 

Tel 20.2.2615.4058/4064      

fax 20.2.2615.6017