Marian AbdelShahid


Bachelor of Science, The American University of Cairo (AUC)
• Graduation: February 2008
• Major:  Computer Science
• Minor: Business Administration
• GPA: 3.825/ 4.0

Related Coursework:
Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Analysis and  design of algorithm, Security Engineering, Databases , Web Development, Computer Architecture, Marketing and Public Relations, Fundamentals of Management and Accounting.

• School of Science and Engineering Honor award at AUC (Spring 07)
• School of Science and Engineering Honor award at AUC  (Spring 06)
• Full Scholarship at AUC granted for the top 15 students ranked according to high-school Grade.


• Graduation Project: Designed and implemented, with a group of five students, a system for controlling computers through EEG brain signals and “Brain Computer Interface” (BCI) technology. The system included various applications: Virtual Keyboard, SMS sender, text editing and a plug in on Windows live messenger.
• Built a website supported with database for online registration of students in courses.
• Implemented a database for car renting company.
• Simulated different Bank transactions through a specially created c++ program.
• Developed a client/server network game using Java Netbeans.
• Devised, in a team of two, Application for mobile devices using J2ME and Bluetooth.
• Modeled a simple C-like compiler for code processing.
• Implemented, in a group of 3, a simple lexical analyzer for different types of lexemes.
• Programmed software for phone directories using MFC.
• Introduced, with a group of 5, a marketing and public relations plan for EgyptAir airlines.


Trainee, Infrastructure Team, IT Department, Vodafone Egypt, summer 2006
• Developed, with a team of 3, a Database for updating routers and switches in all Vodafone sites and stores, using MS Access and Visual Basic with SMTP protocol.
• Configured Cisco routers for LAN network in the headquarters.
• Attended sessions and workshops for CCNA certificate.
• Received a degree of “Very Good” for work achieved.

Volunteer assistant, Computer Science Department, AUC, summer 2005- Fall 2006
• Assisted students in C++ programming courses at University


• Head, Website Team, Publications Committee, Electronics Engineer Association (EEA) ,AUC, March- October 2004
o Developed, with a colleague, the EEA website using Dream Weaver.
o Created various flyers for different events using Adobe Photoshop.

• Member, AUC choral Group, June- September 2005
o Participated in various events held by the Office of Student Development (OSD).

• Participant, International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences(AIECES), AUC, March- August 2004
o Participated, with a team of international students, in marketing project.
o Attended various sessions on business analysis, project marketing and effective communication.

• Delegate, Model of Egyptian Parliament (MEP), AUC, June- September2003
o Represented, with a team of 4, The National Party in Debates.
o Monitored a research on the history of political life in Egypt in the twentieth century.


• Proficient knowledge of C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, Visual Basic, XML, HTML, ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2005.
• Fair Knowledge of .NET, XSLT, Assembly language, Scheme, ML
• Outstanding acquaintance with MS Office Applications: Word, PowerPoint, Front Page, Access and Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash.
• High Speed typing in English ( 60 wpm)
• Excellent in internet research skills.


• Fluent in spoken and written Arabic and English
• Fair Knowledge of French.

Reference available upon request