Alumni Council Self-Nomination and Elections Process

The AUC Alumni Council, a 15-member body, was established in May 2018 with nine volunteer founding members to strengthen AUC’s relationship with its global alumni network in support of the University’s mission and values. Council members serve a two-year term that begins in the fall semester. The remaining six council seats will be filled by open election this month. The newly elected council members will join the current nine founding members and will serve a two-year term beginning Fall 2019.


Call for Self-Nominations

In keeping with its bylaws, the AUC Alumni Council is pleased to announce a call for self-nominations to fill the six open seats. Candidates for the six open seats may be residents of Egypt or Europe and should be distributed over different decades for fair and equal representation among AUC’s vast alumni network. Based on the graduation years of the nine current members, we need one candidate who graduated between 1990 and 1999, two candidates from 2000 to 2009 and three candidates from 2010 to 2019.


Candidate Criteria

  1. An AUC alumni donor
  2. Willingness to abide by AUC Alumni Council bylaws
  3. Willingness to sign the AUC Alumni Council Volunteer Agreement
  4. Interest and ability to work positively with all alumni worldwide


Election Schedule

Phase I

  1. Call for self-nominations – April 11 - 21
  2. Confirmation and announcement of candidates – May 6


Phase II

  1. Voting period – May 6 - 19
  2. Election results announcement - May 20
  3. Shout-out and celebration – May 24 at the Centennial Sohour


Important Information

  • In case you have not received an email from the AUC alumni council to take part in self nomination, please update your information here.
  • There will be no paper ballot votes. Submit your votes online.