Rafik Elmansy examines the use of 3D printing technologies and potential opportunities to make a difference


Over the past decade, AUC has driven innovation and entrepreneurship in Egypt and the region, by accelerating more than 100 startups and launching numerous research and development programs. AUC Innovation Hub will build on these foundations to provide a platform for industry partnerships, multi-disciplinary research and experiential learning.

Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Co-create multi-disciplinary innovative solutions for Egypt’s and the region’s toughest challenges

AUC Innovation Hub is a platform and supportive ecosystem for corporations, startups, AUC faculty and students, to collaborate in the same physical space to research and co-create innovative solutions for Egypt’s and the region’s toughest challenges.

Rafik Elmansy examines the use of 3D printing technologies and potential opportunities to make a difference. Photo credit professor Jon Schull, Rochester Institute of Technology and Jen Martin Studios

Provide a gateway for industry partners to access the brain power of our faculty and students

Our innovation partners are corporate innovation labs, innovative startups, and ecosystem support organizations who value the opportunity to collaborate with AUC faculty and students on research, development and commercialization of innovative technologies.

Their interests include financial technologies, healthcare, e-commerce, creative industries and sustainable smart cities.

Sustainable Development

Productize innovations for sustainable impact

AUC’s Innovation Hub will create long-term partnerships to commercialize innovations for the creation of sustainable impact in Egypt and the world. Through design thinking and a collaborative community approach, Innovation Hub residents will create and validate innovative products and services in the real world.

The Fun Lab takes a hands-on approach to teaching science

Embed our innovation partners within AUC’s intellectual fabric

Working at the heart of AUC New Cairo, Innovation Hub partners enjoy world-class secure facilities, with access to tools, technology, labs, equipment, and administrative support, along with the opportunity to learn, design and build through formal and informal programming.

On campus presence offers our partners the opportunity to work on strategic and cutting-edge projects in synergy with the full span of AUC’s core mission: the production and transmission of knowledge on a global level.


Contribute to AUC’s educational and knowledge mission

AUC Innovation Hub brings real-world challenges into the classroom and research labs by connecting corporate research and innovative startups with AUC faculty and students, further driving our commitment to experiential learning and applied research.