Entrepreneurial Leadership for Solving Critical Global Issues

Start up trip

July 7 -  July 28 

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

The world is facing unprecedented critical issues including poverty, government accountability and corruption, income inequality, climate change, unemployment and gender inequality. This course will take a close look at global issues through an experiential entrepreneurial lens, developing your ability to think strategically and systemically about different scenarios, and how to unpick them innovatively, creatively and courageously. Through hands-on experience application, and exposure to successful entrepreneurs and key figures from business and society, and a deep dive into in-depth content and theory on global issues, this course aims to develop students into future entrepreneurial leaders.

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Nellie El Enany is an assistant professor at the AUC’s School of Business in the American University in Cairo. She has been teaching subjects including entrepreneurship, international business, human resource management and organizational behavior for 10 years at several universities including AUC and previously at the University of Warwick and Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. El Enany takes a creative and critical approach to teaching with students at the heart of the learning journey. She is a keen advocate of for stimulating students to engage critically and reflectively with material, while emphasizing the dialectical interdependence of theory and practice and blending scholarly and popular resources during the learning process. In the same vein and to enhance development and self-reflection, El Enany encourages her students to have fun and enjoy learning. In her free time, El Enany enjoys cycling, playing on swings, singing and reading. She also has a keen interest in birdwatching, psychology and keeping up-to-date with global issues.