Food Services Advisory Committee

The Food Services Advisory Committee is a forum to discuss food service concerns, issues, ideas and suggestions for improvement. The committee's main role is to follow up with the office of university food services and provide suggestions focused on service quality, operations hygiene standards, prices, and variety. The committee also discusses and provides input on issues raised through community feedback or complaints. The committee will reconduct its monthly scheduled meetings after resuming campus regular operations

List of members:

  • Presidential intern, office of the vice president for management and operations
  • Student Union Representative.
  • Student Union Representative.
  • Amal Salah, senior director, office of student life
  • Hassan Abdel Salam, director, events management, faculty representative and student union representative
  • Director, office of residential life
  • Director, office of medical services
  • Director, office of athletics
  • Ayman Abd Elhafiz Shams, food safety auditor, office of university food services
  • Noha Shafik, food safety supervisor II, office of university food services
  • Sahar Kamal, associate director, office of university food services
  • Senior director, office of university food services; chair, food services advisory committee