Rules and Regulations


     1. During the day children are offered lunch cooked on the premises.
2.  We request that parents be responsible for any breakfast  and afternoon snacks. 

Safety Measures

1. Do not send food from home that might be a choking hazard, such as hard candy, nuts or gum.

2. Toys or nonessentials from home are discouraged


    1. Generally, parents should not bring their child to the Center if he or she is not well enough to participate in all activities including outside play. If a child is too weak or tired he or she should be kept home until he or she can be fully engaged in all aspects of the Center’s program.

    2. Parents must not bring a child to the Center if he or she has a fever. 

    3. If a child should develop a fever at the Center, he or she will be isolated and the parent will be called for immediate pickup. Parents must keep their child home for at least 24 hours after a normal temperature has returned. 

    4. Center employees are not allowed to administer medicine to children. 

    5. Children who display suspicious symptoms (rashes, flushed, unusually lethargic) will not be allowed to attend the Center until a physician’s certificate is brought explaining the nature of the symptom and stating that the child is not infectious. 

    6. If a child is absent due to illness for a week or more a physician’s certificate must be brought indicating that the child is no longer contagious. 

    7.  Any child who displays behavior that is consistently out of control, or who poses a danger to him/herself or others can be dismissed by the Managing Director of the Center.

Dress Code

    1. A child must be sent to the Center in play clothes. The Center’s educational program requires that the children play with some “messy” materials like paint, water, flour and dough. 
    2. If clothing becomes wet or stained during these activities it should be acceptable. 
    3. Clothing needs to be loose at the wrist and arms so sleeves may be rolled up. 
    4. No jewelry is allowed with the exception of modest stud earrings. 
    5. Parents should provide a complete extra set of clothes, comparable to those that the child is wearing when he or she arrives at the Center.  Every Thursday the extra set of clothes should be taken home and replaced.

Parent Participation

    1. Parents are offered workshops and talks on issues related to preschool-age children.
    2. Parents and guardians should be prepared to present appropriate identity cards. Personal ID cards, driver’s license or a passport are all acceptable.
      If someone other than a parent, guardian, or those noted on the child’s application is picking up a child the Center must be informed IN WRITING. That person will also need to show an identity card.  The Center’s employees cannot release a child to someone they do not know and have not been informed is a suitable substitute for their guardian. 
    3. All teachers and the manager are available to talk about your child, so please arrange a meeting if there is a need.
    4. Any concerns or complaints should be addressed to the Manager of the Center. 
    5. Teachers are modeling polite behavior. Children are encouraged to conduct themselves in a courteous manner at all times.