Services Provided for Students

Medical Advice
Medical advice is available to all members of the AUC community, either through a visit to the medical services office or by phone, in the case of an emergency. All AUC community members may use the office in case of illness, general check-up, check-ups for using the AUC gym or in an emergency.

Travel Medical Advice
A medical travel program is available to students, as well as faculty and staff members who may be traveling abroad. Information about immunization requirements in parts of the world to which they will travel is also available.

Vaccines and Other Injections
Vaccination services are available at the medical services office on an appointment basis. Vaccines are paid for in cash, as they are not covered by medical insurance. We provide assistance in setting up schedules for vaccines and other injections.

**Please note that international students have to get the following vaccinations before coming to Egypt according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommendations:

- Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccinations are essential. In some cases hepatitis B is required too.

- In case the student is coming from South Africa, vaccination against yellow fever is required.

Medicine is available through the medical services office and is supplied by Seif Group pharmacy. Medicine is dispensed through a signed and stamped prescription from an AUC physician. This service is offered to international students who are covered by the clinic medical plan. Students who are not covered may purchase medication from the on-campus pharmacy at a 5 percent discount rate by presenting a signed and stamped prescription from an AUC physician. In cases where medication must be purchased after working hours or during an emergency from a pharmacy other than the on-campus branch of Seif Group, the student may be reimbursed for the purchase at 80 percent of the cost. This may be done by submitting the prescription and the receipt at the medical services office.
*Medications for chronic conditions are not covered, particularly if the chronic illness was pre-existing before admission to the University including also psychotherapy medications and sessions.

Health Insurance Plan
Students may see AUC physicians in case of illness, if they require a general check-up to use the AUC gym or in the case of an emergency. If a student is hospitalized, an AUC physician will visit the student at the hospital for follow up and will provide AUC’s head physician with a full written report on the case.

The medical plan for international students is administered by the Office of Medical Services. For the time being, international students may use AUC’s medical services as well as the services of three hospitals: El Salam Hospital in Mohandiseen, El Salam International Hospital in Maadi and Air Force Hospital in New Cairo. Students will be asked to present their AUC ID cards.

All resident students in the AUC dorms should pay the medical fees per semester. For further information, contact Rania El Bahkeery at 20.2.2615.3911 or

Medical Excuses
Students who feel unwell at the University may stop by the Office of Medical Services to be examined by an AUC physician. If need be, these students will be given a written medical note to excuse them from attending classes. Students who are unable to attend classes while being off campus due to an illness are requested to bring a medical certificate, signed by their physician, to the University’s Office of Medical Services no later than one week after the date of their absence in order to secure office approval. The approved medical certificate is then returned to the student to be given to concerned instructors. It is up to the instructor to either accept or refuse the certificate.

Areas Not Covered by the Medical Plan
The following medical services are not covered by the medical plan:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Dental fittings and cosmetic dental treatment
  • Hearing aids (special consideration granted)*
  • Artificial limbs (special consideration granted)*
  • General check-up