Services for Students

Students can visit AUC clinic physicians in case of illness, general check-up for using the AUC gym or in case of emergencies. If a student is hospitalized the AUC physician will visit the student at the hospital to follow-up with the treating physician and will provide the AUC head physician with a full written report on the case.


All resident students in the AUC Dorms should pay the medical fees per semester as they are covered by the Medical services office, For Further information, refer to Mrs. Rania El Bahkeery on ext. 3911 or via e-mail:

Medical Excuses 

Students who feel sick while at university can stop by the Medical Services Department in order to be examined by an AUC physician and be granted an official medical excuse, if needed. Students who are unable to attend classes due to an illness are requested to bring a medical certificate signed by their treating physician to the university Medical Services Department no later than one week after the date of their absence in order to get the Medical Services Department's approval. The approved excuse is then returned to the student to be given to the concerned professors. It is then up to the professor to either accept or refuse the excuse. This applies to all students except ELI students, where a different absence policy is applied.